Is the position of your child in your womb something you need to worry about? Does it make things complicated during delivery? Here’s a simple guide on breech birthing for you to look into.

What is a breech birth?

In general, babies are in the head-down position in the mother’s uterus but sometimes the baby can be in feet first or bottom-first position too. 

A breech birth occurs when a baby is born bottom first instead of head first. Around 3-5% of pregnant woman have a breech birth.

The reason for breech birth

1. During premature delivery, the chances of a breech birth are high. This is because initially babies are in a breech position but turn to head-first position towards the end of the pregnancy. 

2. If there’s more than one baby in the uterus, then the birth of one or all of the babies might be breech.

3. Breech birth might also be due to high or low levels of amniotic fluid.

4. Abnormally shaped uterus or fibrous growth in the uterus can also result in a breech birth.

This is usually determined by the ultrasound scans your doctor takes towards the end of the pregnancy.

Types of breech birth presentations

There are three types – Complete, Incomplete and Frank

1. Complete breech is when both of the baby’s knees are bent and his feet and bottom are closest to the birth canal.

2. Incomplete breech is when one of the baby’s knees is bent and his foot and bottom are closest to the birth canal.

3. Frank breech is when the baby’s legs are folded flat up against his head and his bottom is closest to the birth canal.

Is it going to be a natural birth or cesarean?

Frankly, there’s no way of telling for sure if you’ll have a C-section or not. Some doctors believe that breech babies are more likely to be injured during or after pregnancy if they’re delivered vaginally. There might also be complications with the umbilical cord where the supply of oxygen to the baby may slow down. So the doctors generally opt for C-section. But there are cases in which a healthy baby in a breech position has been delivered by natural birth. 

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