Been thinking of going back to work, but cannot bring yourself to leave your little one without feeling guilty about it? Been wondering if kindergarten would be the best option? Or are you sceptical about it? Let us help you with a few things you need to look into while choosing the best kindergarten for your baby.

1. Environment

The first thing any parent is concerned about is what kind of environment their baby would be exposed to. Choosing a school at a convenient location, to make travel for you and pick up of your little one easier, would be the first step. The next would be to consider schools that are well known in the community. Ask around for reviews among fellow moms and choose the one that seems more suited for you. It’s always good to look into the curriculum offered by the school and whether it has modern technology to help your child learn faster.

2.Clean air


Anyone in Delhi knows the hassle of pollution and its harmful effects. You want to make sure the place your child spends a majority of his/her time is clean and healthy. Air purifiers help in this regard by purifying the air and creating the right amount of oxygen. This is known to increase alertness and memory. Air conditioning and central heating help make your child more comfortable throughout all seasons.

3.Nutritious, hygienic food

What your little one eats is of the utmost importance. You might not be able to pack his/her lunch every day. So, it’s better to look for schools that provide in-campus meals. Hygiene is also something that shouldn’t be ignored. Since kids have weaker immune systems than adults, what can you do to protect them against germs and bacteria that they are exposed to? Choose a school with a sanitized kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about your child falling ill.

4.Safety first

Will your kid be safe in this environment? This is a question that looms over every parent’s head. Make sure the school has a safe and secure ambience created with the help of CCTVs and security guards. This will help you to track your child’s whereabouts and be updated on everyday activities your kid is involved in.

5.Boutique school

Do you feel like your baby might not get the attention in a classroom full of kids?

Choose a school that gives importance to quality over quantity through low teacher-student ratio. This will ensure that your child is provided with personalized learning, wherein his/her needs are individually catered to.

6.Quality of the caretakers

The people your child spends most of his/her time with will have a huge influence on him/her. Choosing a school with well-qualified, skilled and experienced faculty will help in the growth of your child – intellectually, creatively and emotionally.  

7.Smoother transition

Moving from the warm comforts of your home to a school is hard for kids. Look out for schools that emphasize on a strong parent-teacher partnership. They should be willing to involve you personally in the activities that take place in the school. This will make the transition easier for you and your child.

Wondering which school has all of the above points in place? Lucky for you, we did our research and found Rhythm Kinderworld, the newest addition to the chain of Apeejay Institutions, which has a legacy of almost 50 years of excellence in education.

The school has a beautiful child-friendly, ‘boutique concept’ environment, where learning is truly joyous for children. Their “Mom and me” program is uniquely designed for children in the age group of 1 to 1.6 years. Every child who attends feels right at home and all their needs are met. As part of the program, mothers are allowed to stay with their children at school. This way, she is aware of her child’s surroundings and is able to take part in her baby’s initial days of education. To know more about Rhythm Kinderworld, make sure to check out their website –

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