What is posseting?

In the early days after the baby is born, s/he needs to adjust to the environment and feeding. Thus, babies tend to bring up small quantities of milk from their mouth when they are full and sometimes may even vomit in small quantities. This release of milk/formula from the baby’s mouth is known as posseting.

What causes posseting?

Posseting is generally caused because the muscular valve present at the end of the food pipe of the baby is yet to be developed completely and thus it is not able to keep all the food in the stomach.

What are the effects of posseting?

There are no major negative effects of posseting on the baby. It’s just that the mother will probably have to continuously clean the baby’s mouth and the entire thing might get a bit messy. Other than that, your baby will be perfect and will smile happily.

How to prevent posseting?

1. The best way to prevent posseting is to know your baby’s capacity and feed them slightly less than the capacity.

2. Another way of preventing posseting is to immediately help the baby burp once s/he is done feeding so that the milk/formula can settle down in the stomach.

3. Holding the baby in the upright position helps the milk get to the stomach faster and prevents it from coming out.

4. Another thing you can take care of is that if the baby takes formula or you use a breast pump is that the hole in the baby’s bottle should not be very big.

Differentiating posseting from vomiting

It is important to segregate posseting from vomiting. While little food comes out of baby’s mouth in posseting, babies tend to bring out more quantities of milk/formula when they are vomiting.

Also, while posseting is a normal process, the baby might start vomiting due to any infection or ailment s/he is suffering from. So, it is important that the mother remains vigilant and is able to differentiate vomiting from posseting. 

If, at any time, you feel that the baby is vomiting too much milk or too frequently then immediately consult your doctor. Your little bundle of joy might need some medical help to make him/her fit and fine again.

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