Children have high levels of imagination and are actually smarter than the adults in a lot of ways. As they are in the development stage, they are able to use the creative side of their brain more prominently and imagine a lot of things, even a non-existent person. But this does not mean that there is something wrong with your little baby, in fact, children who have an imaginary friend are more intelligent and creative. 

It takes a lot of brainpower to create a different reality and even more so to create a person altogether. Even then, if somehow we are able to create a wholly separate entity, it is difficult to picture this imaginary friend so much that we actually start believing in their existence and even start talking to them openly. This level of creativity is only in true geniuses and children who have immense creative capabilities.

Having imaginary friends is not a bad thing, in fact, research has found that children with an imaginary friend tend to smile more, be less shy and make friends easily. It is a misconception that children with imaginary friends are lonely and have difficulty in adjusting with friends. Their creativity is at such high levels that they are able to make a proper imaginary friend who will act like a human and will even get angry at times.

In order to deal with your child having an imaginary friend just sit back and relax instead of freaking out. Let their imagination run wild and even ask questions from your child about their friend and even you will be able to judge how deep your child’s imagination goes. It is also a good idea to use this imaginary friend of your child to teach values and moral lessons by referring to your child’s friend.

Ghosts are not always a bad thing to believe in. Sometimes, they can actually be helpful and teach both us and our children some important lessons of life. Just believe in the good ghosts/imaginary friend and your child will have some real life lessons in his/her life.

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