Fights and conflicts are part of each and every relationship. We fight with the people we love and care about and thus, any conflict should not be taken as something completely bad. Instead, ways should be found to reach a consensus and resolve the conflict. But saying sorry in the usual way is just too old school. Thus, we bring to you some interesting and adorable ways to end a conflict.

1. When you see it getting out of hand, compliment your partner

Though this might sound a bit cheesy and weird, just try it once and you will see the effect. While arguing, if you think it is going out of hand just compliment your partner saying “ You look cute when you are angry” and they will start smiling for sure. Breaking the argument mid way is important if it is getting heated up too much.

2. Make their favourite dish

Not all conflicts or arguments are resolved in one go. Some of them might go on for hours or even days and you both might end up not talking to each other. And then, the biggest thing that comes to your mind is how to break that ice. Well, try making your partner’s favourite dish and that will become the buffer for both of you to start talking.

3. Using truly cheesy ways

Though some methods might seem very cheesy still they do work. Next time when you have a conflict with your partner and you don’t know how to start a conversation try sending them balloons or a card that says sorry in a fun way and trust us, it will work like a charm.

4. Put post-its all over the house before they wake up

Don’t want to say sorry or have a talk the usual way? That’s perfectly alright. Let’s mix it up. Whatever you wanna say, just write it in a cute adorable way on post-its and put them on your partner’s early morning path. This will for sure melt their heart and make them hug you instantly.

5. Just hug them already

People often tend to neglect all the little things that can be done and end up having escalated conflicts. But the best way to resolve any conflict from turning into an ugly fight is to take the direct approach. When you think this is going in the wrong direction, just go up to them and hug them tightly. Not all conflicts need to be ended by words, sometimes it’s better to let your heart do the talking. 

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