As your boy gets older he’s going to want to spend more time with his friends or on his phone talking to them. While that is natural and shouldn’t be discouraged, it is also important that he is close to family. Especially to you, because he’s going to need someone to talk to when he’s struggling with something and who else would be more suited for this than his own mother? So make sure that he sees you as supportive and understanding rather than strict and controlling.

These activities might help you strengthen that bond with your boy.

1. Go to the movies with him

Which kid doesn’t like to bunk school and go to the movies? Surprise him with a movie date once in a while. Wake him up but don’t dress him up for school, take him to a movie theatre near you and catch a morning show of the kid’s movie that’s playing. You can even plan a family movie night on a weekend. The sheer delight will be visible on his face, and while you’re at it treat him with some delicious foods. Now you’re on your way to becoming “Mom of the year”.

2. Play with him

When none of his friends show up to play for some reason, take him out to play. You can allow your husband to tag along too. Swing that cricket bat, play football or just some throw and catch, whatever he enjoys. Not only will he enjoy the playtime but will appreciate how much you cared about him when he gets older and remembers these days.

3. Study with him

Your child might not exactly be asking for your help even though he needs it. Spending at least an hour a day going over his school work, talking about his performance in school and helping him with his homework will allow you to catch up on what’s being taught in school? Personal attention is more important than you think when it comes to academics. 

4. Cook with him

On a weekend, get him to be your helping hand. Avoid things that are a little risky like chopping vegetables or anything that requires him going close to the gas stove. You can make him wash some veggies, wipe the dishes clean before serving and set up the table. He may develop an interest in cooking as he grows, watching you, tasting the yummy treats his mother makes.

5. Talk to him

The most important thing to do when it comes to strengthening bonds is talking with your son. Ask him about his day, talk about things he likes and dislikes. It might be the little nudge he needs to open up about things. Even if you’re preoccupied with something else, make some time out to chill with him. Be the comforting mother but also the stern one, his relationship with you will go on to define those with other women in his life. 

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