How many times do we see parents asking their children “Why can’t you focus and study?”? Kids being kids, it’s really difficult for parents to get their kids to sit in one place and do one thing at a time. With full concentration, that too. Naturally, kids are always super excited and don’t exactly like sitting in one place and being asked to focus on something as boring as homework. So what can you do to help your kid concentrate better?  

1. Play Games

We don’t mean games on phones or tablets. We mean physical, actual, games that make your kid think. Like Scrabble, Pictionary. Crossword and Jigsaw puzzles or card games like Uno or Memory. You could also have fun activities like arranging lists in alphabetical order and sequencing.

2. Prepare The Right Environment

It’s hard to expect a kid to be fully focused on something when the environment around him/her is highly distracting. Be it a noisy room, keeping gadgets lying around or making the kid move around multiple times to get what they need for their work.

3. Healthy Eating Habits

There have been links between healthy eating habits and concentration levels. For example, if kids consume more caffeinated drinks and coffee, it gives them an unhealthy dose of sugar, which may cause a sugar rush and then cause energy levels to drop later.

4. Naps and Breaks

Well, as much as we like kids to finish their work as soon as possible, it is also important to give them breaks in between and let them rest. Napping is also important as it rejuvenates the brain and causes the kids to concentrate better.

5. Divide Big Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

Big tasks are scary and intimidating. It probably helps to break the task down into much smaller tasks that don’t look as big and will motivate the kids to go for it. This applies not just for studies but also household chores.

6. Reward Them

This incentive system really works! Reward your kids to work better and when they do, reward them with things they like – chocolates, hugs, breaks, 5 minutes on the tablet, whatever. 

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