Many women consider 30s to be the ideal time to become mothers. You’re probably going to be more secure in your career, and stable in your relationship. You’ll also have a better idea about the kind of person you are, and more secure about yourself.

Being a mother in your 30s comes with its share of pros and cons. While you’re more settled and comfortable in your own skin, your chances of getting pregnant might also be lesser, because as you age, your fertility also decreases significantly.

After consulting with fertility specialists and other experts, we’ve compiled this article to show you what it’s like to try to conceive after you’re 30. 

The Pros

These are traits that we have found common in most women after 30 – they still have a lot of stamina and resilience in them, which are most useful if you’re about to raise a baby. Women of this age also probably know themselves better – they’re not nearly as confused as they were in their 20s neither are they as set in their ways as they would be at 40.

Also, having a baby at 30 makes sense financially. You’re more settled in your career and life, and you wouldn’t have a baby if you aren’t in a stable relationship (single or not).

The Cons

Most experts agree that 35 is the milestone for women when they want to conceive. In early 30s it’s only slightly lesser chances to conceive, and the risk of having a miscarriage or a baby with Down syndrome is only slightly higher. But as you get older, your fertility starts accelerating at an alarming rate. Women also run a higher risk of pregnancy-related complications and having to do cesarean sections.

Can You Be Successful?

If you’re in the range of 30-35, your chances of conceiving might still not be that bad. At around 38 or 39, your age becomes a factor. Statistics also say that if you’re above 35, you’re more likely to have twins than a single child. So, if you’re planning a late pregnancy, you might either not get pregnant or if you do, might end up with twins.

If you still want to have kids, you can wait and have your eggs frozen. This is something mothers do if they want to delay their pregnancy but also want a baby. 

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