Children love their pets — and for good reason. Creatures large and small teach, delight and offer a special kind of companionship. Not only do pets become the best friends a kid can have, pets also become siblings for children. They offer company when the kids feel lonely, and they are there for your kids every step of the way.

A pet is the epitome of innocence. It is the perfect companion and the playmate for the children. They grow along with it and it showers them with its unconditional love and stays with them through thick and thin. When times are troubled, a pet keeps your spirit alive and and shows you that there is someone in the world worth living for.

Here’s why having pets is just the best –

1. Pets help with learning

When children are learning to read, they sometimes wish they can read to someone. Pets can become that someone. A little child can pat them as s/he reads, ask questions to them or stop to show pictures to them. Educators have long known that bringing therapy animals (mostly dogs) into schools helps developmentally challenged kids learn. This builds a long-lasting bond and fosters understanding between the pet and the child and also instils a learning habit in the child.

2. Pets provide comfort

Animals are also a great source of comfort. It’s a known fact that whenever a child feels sad, angry, afraid, or when they are emotionally unstable or needed to share a secret, they turn to their animal companions for support. Also, the kids who have pets are said to be less anxious.

3. Pets keep kids healthy

Playing with their dogs in the park or running after their cats provides children with the much-needed daily dose of outdoor physical activities. There have been studies which show that children who were exposed to two or more dogs or cats were less likely to develop common allergies. The theory goes that “When a child plays with a dog or a cat, the animals usually lick him/her. And that lick transfers bacteria that live in animals’ mouths, and the exposure to the bacteria may change the way the child’s immune system responds to other allergens.”

4. Pets build family bonds

Pets often bring families closer. A pet becomes a family member when it comes home. It is often the center of family activities and the family usually enjoys its part in the pet’s daily activities, like going for a walk, grooming or feeding. There are even benefits from simply watching a cat chase her tail or a fish swim in his tank. Strangely relaxing and calming, these activities help in our hectic, stressful lives. 

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