Every mother wants her child to keep smiling all the time, be it a full grown adult or a newborn baby. Though the adults might cry less, the newborn on the other hand tends to cry a lot with or without any reason. For a new mother, it often becomes difficult to calm the baby and as a result, the baby keeps on crying and the mother keeps on getting troubled and sad. So, keeping your problem in mind, we bring to you 5 ways that can help you soothe your little bundle of joy.  

1. Hold them up

The most classic, well known and best way of all is to hold the baby up in your arms. But this too is an art on its own, if the baby is not held properly; s/he might start crying even more. When holding up the baby close to you put one hand on the back of their head to give it support and the other hand below or even on their buttocks so that they have a comfortable position to sit on and you have a proper grip. Then let their head rest on your shoulder and try walking around for a bit.

2. Shhhh

You might not believe it until you try it but shushing the baby by making the “shh” sound actually helps calm them as this is the same sound they hear in the womb and thus it makes them feel secure and in a familiar place.

3. Sing them a song

Yes, you heard it right. It is time for you to put on your singing pants and start singing a song for your little baby. Hearing the mother’s voice constantly helps the child feel comfortable while also getting curious to the rhythm and thus getting quiet and intrigued or sleepy.

4. Move them around

Sometimes even newborns get bored and thus they start crying almost without any reason which is the worst moment of all as the mother is not able to understand why the baby is crying. So just pick up the baby and start walking with them or even move them around a bit while even playing or talking with them also helps. 

5. The pacifier

A modern invention, it works like a charm in soothing the newborn baby. Pacifiers help the baby feel as if they are sucking on their mother’s breasts which helps them feel calm and satisfied. Pacifiers also help in breastfeeding issues when the baby is not able to latch on properly.   

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