As you know, challenges are quite popular among us all and in the world of internet, they are like rituals that are passed on from one to another. People try all sorts of trick and take life threatening steps just to do something whacky. The worst part is that they motivate people to be a part in these ridiculous challenges.

Guess what, people are more stupid because they accept these challenges and do it exactly what their friends did without fearing the consequences. Recently, a dark challenge is doing rounds on the internet. It goes by the name ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. It is said to have originated in Russia and it has claimed the lives of 130 teenagers all over the world.

What Is The Blue Whale Challenge?

It comprises of about 50 unique challenges which are assigned to every player and they are encouraged to finish it off. It consists of only sinister kind of challenges like watching some horror flicks at odd hours of the night and finally claim your own life.

This suicidal game got its name from the mammal blue whale because the whales voluntarily move up the shore and wash up on the beaches. They do this to end their life. Such inspiration only to what..take lives and clean up mother earth off all the unnecessary weaklings and escapists?!

How does this challenge work?

If you’re really stupid and sick of life, you will end up seeking this app through private groups. It is unavailable for the general public to download. However, if you seek the game so bad, you’ll be found by the private groups and send the app.

Once you have installed the game, you’ll be talking to the administrator who will ask you questions about yourself and then ask for your confirmation to willingly play this whole game. Once the player accepts it, there’s no going back. The curator is another person who is in charge of sending tasks to the players and checking if they are really playing it or not.

If you want to stop mid way, and not continue it anymore, you have no choice but surrender yourself to them. They are known to threaten the players by selling all their private information on the dark web. The creators also threaten and warn the players that they will kill them by themselves or perhaps kill their family members.

What Are The Challenges?

News has it, a Reddit user posted an entire list of the challenges that were a part of the whole Blue Whale Challenge. The following 50 challenges have been translated from Russian and they just seem so soon scary even as you read it!

1.Carve “f57” with a razor in your hand and send a picture to the curator.

2.Watch all the haunted and psychedelic videos the curator send you at 4:20 am every day.

3.Cut your arm along the line of your veins with a razor and make 3 cuts only. Send a picture to the curator.

4. Draw a picture of a whale on a sheet of paper and send a photo of it to the curator.

5. If you’re ready to become a whale..carve YES or NO on your leg. If you say NO, you need to make several cuts on your body to punish yourself.

6.The task with a cipher.

7.Carve “f40” on your arms and send a picture to the curator.

8. Make ‘#i_am_a_whale’ your status on social media.

9.Overcome your fear.

10. Wake up at 4:20 am and go to the roof or any higher place because higher the better,

11.Carve a whale on your hand and send a photograph to the curator.

12. Watch horror and psychedelic videos all day in darkness.

13.Listen to the music that the curators send you.

14.Cut your lips.

15.Poke needles into your hands.

16. Hurt yourself in such a way that you fall sick.

17.Go to the highest point you see and stand on the edge for a long long time.

18.Climb a bridge and stand on the edge.

19.Try climbing a crane.

20.The curator checks if you’re worthy of his trust.

21.Talk to another fellow whale (person playing the game)

22. Let your legs dangle down from a roof while you’re sitting. Send a picture to the curator.

23. Another task with the cipher.

24.Secret task

25. Meeting with a whale.

26.The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it.

27.Wake up at 4:20 am and visit any railroad or a railway track you know.

28. Avoid conversing with anybody for an entire day.

29. Vow that you’re a whale.

30-49. Wake up every morning at 4:20 am and watch horror videos, listen to the music the curators send you and make one cut on your body each day while talking to a fellow whale.

50. Jump off a building and end your life right there.

Why should you play this game?

You should play this only if you are an imbecile with no self-worth or just a plain straight stupid person. This is a game which invokes people to commit suicide which is definitely not uplifting. However, there are many people in this world who are suicidal and are facing major depression. If you’re one of them, you should get help from a therapist or attend counseling sessions.

Suicide is not a way out of trouble because the suffering will only be passed to all the loved, near and dear ones. Young children jumping off roofs and cranes and what not just to end their suffering.

Adults who are reading this, you need to understand your children and know what’s going on in their life. No matter how miserable their issues could be, you need to be their backbone and guide them on the right path because suicide is definitely NOT a bold step towards ending miseries. 

Suicide is a serious issue and people need to be more aware of it. Mental health is as important as your physical health. There are many helplines available for everybody to use. Just dial 080-25497777 and say ‘SAHAI’. You will be assisted by a counselor who will talk to you and help you through your rough patch.  

You live life only once, so make the best out of what you have and save your life.

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