Though monsoon brings a huge relief from hot and humid weather but at the same time it also brings mosquitoes, stomach infections, cold and Flu. Being a mother, I can understand that sometimes it becomes really very difficult to understand what to-do and what not. So, I would like to share few solutions to the questions which I feel can prevent our kids from getting affected from monsoon blues.

Ques 1: Is it important to give bathe daily to my baby? It all depends upon the weather on that particular day. if you feel that the weather is quite hot and humid, you can definitely give a bath. But, the duration should be short. Please make sure the water is Lukewarm, so that the baby will not feel any discomfort. 

Ques 2 : How can we protect our kids from Mosquito bite? While being outside, we can use use any of the mosquito repellents which are available in the market in the form of lotions or bands. They are kids friendly, no side-effects has been reported yet. And when its a matter of being in home, make sure you have closed all windows and doors so that mosquitoes should not enter inside. Please do not use any chemically produced mosquito repellent because they are harmful for our kids. For better protection, use homemade one. Take 4-5 camphor balls, mix it with Neem Oil. Fill it in a bottle of any old repellent and use it with the help of machine.

Ques 3: How can I treat Diarrhoea? It is always advisable to take proper consultation from a good paediatrician for treating diarrhoea in kids. But if we talk about the caution which we need to take is keep the baby always hydrated. Give him ORS water or Electral water in every two hours. Make the solution in 1 litre of water and give it to the child. Give rice based food, bananas, and apples. These are very effective in treating diarrhoea. If the baby is breastfed, then no need to give any outside food or water, it is totally prohibited. Mother’s milk is a complete solution for everything, but consult the doctor too.

Ques 4: What can be done in case of cold and flu? Cold and flu is very common at the time of weather change. This is because of the viruses, which get spread in the air, and kids get easily infected. Cold and cough make kids uncomfortable mostly during the time of their sleep, so for that we can use Vicks Babyrub, which is easily available in every medical store. We can also use nasal drops for easy breathing. Give them warm water to drink, as it will make them to feel soothe. For cough and congestion, we can give them a 1tsp of ginger juice with 1tsp of honey. It is really very effective. Cough will get clear off either through vomit or though motions. Yes, once again, if the baby is breastfed, do not give any outside food, and do consult the paediatrician.

I hope the solutions which I have provided through my personal experiences while raising my kids will be helpful for all new parents. Most important thing, do not get nervous if your child is unwell. Consult your doctor, take proper care of child and everything will be fine soon. All the Best! 

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