Bollywood is not just an industry producing tonnes of movies in a year. It is far more than that. Bollywood captures the complete spectrum of the emotions of a common Indian citizen. It always manages to put a smile on our face in the most difficult of times or make us cry with some supremely tragic cinema. Bollywood is one common obsession for Indians from across the country’s length and breadth. Here, we celebrate the real epic drama that is, Bollywood.

1. The Show Stealer 

The lead character of every Bollywood movie has a charm and persona that instantly lets him or her control the air in the room and steal the spotlight. It’s okay to admit that for more than once we have tried to copy our favourite actor and character and waltz in a room with the same charm and failed miserably.

2. The Iconic Dialogues

No Bollywood movie can be complete without the fair share of corny dialogues and we just love it. We lose our wits when its face-off between the hero and the villain and they are both coming up with witty one-liners to demean the other.

Over the decades, the iconic dialogues like “Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain” and “Kitne aadmi the?” have become a common part of the vernacular.

3. The Music

Bollywood has a song for every emotion, mood, situation and occasion. It never disappoints the folks. You will always find a song that suits your present situation and tend to define you. And the soul-stirring music and the heart touching lyrics are just too awesome to have in life.

4. The Heroine

No! Not the drug! The lead lady in the movie! The one who steals the heart of our hero and makes him do things no sane man would ever do. The gorgeous, the bubbly, the beauty that makes the audience fall in love with her. And guess what, we do fall for her, every single time. And don’t do drugs!

5. The Love

Bollywood celebrates love in a grandiose style. The love stories of Bollywood are what we want to keep going. They are an essential part of our quota of cinema. No movie is complete without a love angle, and we are absolutely in love with Bollywood love.

6. The Action 

Another critical part of any movie. The audience wants an adrenaline rush and Bollywood gives it to them in some action packed super human drama movies. The flying cars, the one-man army, and the final fight to the death between the hero and the villain at the climax. These are the necessary ingredients of a Bollywood Masala and make the movie a treat for the audience.

7. The Comedy

Yet another dish in the platter of Bollywood. We can never get enough of Govinda and Jonny Lever comedy. Comedy epics like Andaz Apna Apna, Welcome, Hera Pheri continue to tickle us till day and we will watch them for now and forever.

8. The Social Issues

Other than the masala movies for which Bollywood is famous, it has also made some realistic cinema on the social issues that burned the nation. Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, Fashion, Heroine portray the truth of the industry whereas recent releases like Pink speak about what is wrong in the society when it comes to women.

9. The Biopics

Bollywood never backs down when it comes to celebrating the legend of nation’s true hero. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the biopic of the flying Sikh, Mvilkha Singh and M.S. Dhoni, the biopic of India’s most successful cricket captain are worth watching. Border and LOC Kargil depict the valour of our soldiers in the war and fill us with pride for our nation.

10. The Dreams 

Bollywood makes us dream. It captures our imagination, adds feathers to it and sets it free to fly. It helps to get on with our lives with a smile. Tired of a hard day’s work or petty fights and arguments, Bollywood manages to transport us into another dimension where we can forget all our worries for a little while and enjoy life.

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