Becoming a mom has its own perks but let’s face it, being the mother of a newborn isn’t a cake walk. You need to be available for your baby at any given time of the day. Even though babies are adorable beings, they require plenty of attention and can never be left alone. They can be cranky when they’re hungry and really messy when you’re trying to feed them. Though, how is one to make sure they are always kept clean considering they always manage to make a tiny mess of themselves.  

Graciously, baby wipes have been every mother’s first choice when it comes to baby hygiene. These wipes can be used to loosen any sticky mess, especially when your baby spits up! Baby wipes have an amazing property of absorbing fluids off a surface. So, using this to meet the baby’s hygiene needs seems like a great idea, doesn’t it?

They are super effective when it comes to cleaning your baby. Also, since your baby’s skin is far more sensitive than your own skin, it is necessary for you to use products that are free of chemicals, alcohol, and parabens. This is exactly why you need to use water-based wipes.

What are water-based wipes?

The innovation of water-based wipes is every mom’s new best friend. These wipes are crafted from the best quality organic and natural substances. It is a well-known fact that water is the gentlest element on the planet! This property of water makes it safe to use as a component for water-based wipes.

They are majorly composed of pure water with the addition of natural ingredients like jojoba oil and Aloe Vera. They help in maintaining a proper balance of skin moisture and softness.

Mother Sparsh offers specially formulated baby water wipes, which contains 98% pure water because nothing beats the purity and serenity of water!

It helps in keeping your baby’s delicate skin away from rashes and dryness.

Here are few ways to clean your baby’s delicate body effortlessly using water-based wipes.

1. The Tummy (umbilical cord stump)

When wiping your baby with water-based wipes, stay away from the belly button region till the stump dries up and falls off on its own. The stump has to be kept moisture free to avoid infections. These water-based wipes induce good skin health – it’s not about buying any low-quality wipes or low-cost wipes, certainly mom should know how to take good care of baby skin health.

2. The Face

The face needs to be hydrated and moisturized, so it does not become flaky and dry. With water-based wipes, you can gently wipe your baby’s face.

Pay close attention to the eyes for dust and mucus particles at the corners. Do not scrape this out with your finger. Use water wipes to clean this, as it is more effective and safe.

The ears have to be cleaned as well. Generally, the region behind the ears is ignored while cleaning and powdering the baby. Use water wipes in soft circular motions to completely remove the dust and dirt particles around this region.

3. Hands and Feet

Your baby’s hands and feet are generally exposed to an external environment filled with dust, dirt, and impurities. Harsh particles make the skin dry and even cause damage. Mothers, take note of this – it is important that you keep your baby’s hands and feet moisturized. Mother Sparsh water-based wipes are as good as using cotton and water for cleansing baby skin.Using the wipes to massage your baby will also help them relax.

Since dry skin at the elbows can become quite painful and irritating for babies. These water-based wipes with 98% water help clean your babies and ensure their limbs are kept clean and full of moisture.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to wipe your baby’s elbows before they itch them and hurt themselves.    

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4. Genitals and Posterior

Genital hygiene is mandatory, as these regions are prone to infections. Use water-based wipes to clean you, baby, every time he/she pees or poops.

If you have a baby boy, you need to just take a wet wipe and gently wipe around the penis. The baby’s penis at this stage is uncircumcised and the foreskin is connected to the penis by a tissue. So, don’t use too much force and never try to retract the penis forcefully as it could cause a serious injury.

If you have a baby girl, you need to maintain extra hygiene. Clean your hands and separate your baby’s vaginal lips. Use the water based wipes and wipe the region in a direction from front to back, down and middle. Don’t forget to wipe each side of the labia!  

Their water content helps you clean your baby effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about the sticky particles on your baby’s bottom anymore, for water-based wipes are here to rescue you!

These water-based wipes from Mother Sparsh are hypoallergenic in nature. These 98% water based wipes are clinically tested for preventing redness, rashes & allergy. You can buy them here

So, say goodbye to those uncomfortable rashes on your munchkin’s buttocks!

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