Sure, pregnancy is all about fluffy babies and the outburst of love. But what no one talks about is the gory, grimy details post your delivery. Would you still look and feel like Aishwarya Rai on the red carpet, immediately? Most probably not. You’ll take a while to get used to your new, baby-free body and it will probably be a painful process.

What exactly are the pains, you ask? Well, here are a few..


After you have a baby, you feel like you’ve just been through a boxing match. Your ribs, abdomen, your back – everything will feel sore, especially if you have had an epidural/painkiller. You are naturally going to feel tired and achy. This should last only a few days, though and can be treated with a painkiller if you need so.

2. The Cramps!

Your uterus, which would have expanded beyond its normal size to accommodate the baby, now will want to get back to its original shape. And while it is doing so, you may actually feel it – yeah, this means cramps.

3. Breasts = Huge!

To wake up and find out that you have huge, sore breasts – this is what you’ll have to get used to. Just make sure that your breast milk is drained by having your baby latched on well. Apply frozen peas or an ice pack to ease the pain.

4. Blood, Blood, Everywhere!

Just for a little while, though. If you’re expecting the bleeding to last only during the pregnancy, you’ll be shocked to know how much appears later! The blood flow can continue up to four weeks after birth. Use pads and panty liners wherever necessary, but don’t use tampons.

5. You’re sleeping? You’ll sweat too!

Irrespective of what season it is, you’ll probably wake up feeling hot at night. Night sweats are normal, and are your body’s way of adjusting its hormones. Your body is going to have lots of fluids remaining from the pregnancy, and they’ll dry up, but are going to take time to.

6. Constipation

Difficult will be your bowel movements. It might be psychological or your body might be reorganizing its organs. If you’re still uncomfortable, your doctor can advise stool softeners for you.

But then again, you have gone through labour itself. This shouldn’t be such a big deal for you! Rock on, moms!

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