You must have seen the recent viral video of a mother beating a child up while teaching her math. Reports claim that the little innocent girl is the famous Bollywood music composer, Toshi’s niece. Yeah, it is the same guy who sang the famous song Maahi from Raaz 2. All he’s got to say is that nobody should be judging his sister’s parenting skills from that 1-minute video.

He is quite right because you probably have been doing that or you must have done that to your children too in the past. You know what, this is an example of child cruelty and abuse that has been brought to notice.

If this video has made you cringe and hollow inside, your sense, and sensibility are in the right spot. No mother would love seeing those tears of pain or hear painful wails of her own child.

Science has it, that beating up your child is only going to make your child’s self-confidence drop so low that recovery from there seems impossible. The kids who have been beaten up might also end up having lower IQ.

According to the Right To Education (RTE) Act, “no child shall be subjected to physical punishment or mental harassment” and anybody found violating these, “shall be liable to disciplinary action under the service rules applicable to such a person”.

Even in educational institutes, the parent has urged tutors to beat their children so that they are always on their best behaviour. Times have changed so much that parents are going to any lengths to keep their name soaring amongst the other parents for the sake of educational competition.

Education is supposed to be pushing us forward and teaching us new things, helping us follow our dreams, crafting little individuals into masterpieces, opening and diversifying all our minds. Then there are other kinds of people whose minds get so messed up that they resort to beating their child mercilessly.

Beating your child just because he’s not living up to the society’s expectations is not the way out. You need to understand that your child could be having some issues or just has had a bad day at school or may be he’s just hungry! You need to keep a track on their behavioural patterns and voila, you can easily decipher your kid!

All they need is love, care, understanding and a hug. Children are little innocent beings and they should not be thrown around or beaten up mercilessly just because you’re angry! Love your child and help them grow.

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