Whether you are in your teens, or your 20s or are nearing old age, there is one common problem that women of all ages complain of – the bags under their eyes. Those circles around your eyes make you look like you’re much, much older than you actually are, and that’s something no one wants!

As you grow older, the dark circles are accompanied by puffiness around your eyes, more commonly knows as eye bags. Bags form under your eyes because skin tissues around the eyes weaken and sag, causing fluid to accumulate beneath the eyes and create a swollen appearance.

Under-eye bags can be cause due to things like seasonal allergies, eczema, water retention and sleeping face down. Sometimes, heredity plays a role as well. Some self-inflicted behaviors like smoking, drugs and alcohol can worsen the condition.

Here are a 6 ways you can say goodbye to those wretched eye-bags!

1. Sleeping position

Your sleeping position can determine whether or not you get bags under your eyes. So, try sleeping on your back, so that fluid doesn’t build up around the eyes. Add another pillow if you need to, but ensure that you’re comfortable.

2. Go easy on the salt

Yes, salt has actually been linked not only to high BP, but also to fluid retention around the eyes, causing the puffiness. Just remember to go easy on the salt, avoid high salty foods and opt for fresh veggies wherever possible.

3. Exercise

Speaking of eating healthy, go for a run or a jog in the park. Stretch those muscles and get some fresh air. Exercise is a good way to keep aging at bay. Your face could use the special exercise, and the tightening and toning of facial muscles will be more than welcome.

4. Take off the makeup

Looking like a diva in the morning is very nice, but don’t do that even while you’re going to bed! Leaving in makeup in your eyes can irritate them, cause them to water and make them look puffy.

5. Get rid of the alcohol and smoking

You’ll have to give up on these habits, or at least keep them in check if you want to have a good chance at not having eye bags. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, which can cause the area around your eye to appear sunken and dark. And cigarettes? They dry out and weaken your skin, leading to premature aging around the eyes.

6. Pamper your eyes

If you do happen to have eye bags, then try a cold compress. This can help in both reducing puffiness and also serves as an eye spa! Just use chilled spoons or cucumbers on your eyes, with a drop of lavender oil. This should get rid of those bags, and also provide your eyes the remedy they need.

All said and done, don’t forget to loosen up a bit and remain calm. Tension and stress are known to induce dark circles around the eyes – so remember to relax!

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