Being a parent is scary in a lot of ways, and one of them is having to deal with leaving your child alone. For those few hours, they’re out of sight, you start imagining the worst possible scenarios that could happen to them. 

There’s no way to do away with this completely, but it will give you some peace of mind when you know that your kid can handle themselves. And the first step toward that is teaching them how to manage when they’re alone.

Teach Them Who Strangers Are

Most kids tend to associate bad looking people with strangers and good looking people with someone they can approach. However, this is almost never the case. Teach them that good looking people can have bad intentions too.

However, remind them that not all strangers are bad. In case they’re lost and alone, they must approach a stranger to ask for help.

Which Strangers To Approach

It’s important that children approach the right people. Policemen would be the first people they should go to if they’re lost away from home. Teachers, neighbors, friends’ parents and relatives are also safe people to go to in any situation.

Recognizing Dangerous Situations

Your child should be taught how to recognize situations in which they need to be alert. If a stranger approaches them asking for money, if someone tells them to deliberately disobey their parents or go against their parent’s wishes if they’re asked to keep a secret they don’t want to, or if someone behaves inappropriately with them physically are all examples of when to be extra careful.

Teach them to trust their instinct and to make some noise when they feel uncomfortable. This is where trusted strangers can be approached and asked for help.

Keep Track

As a parent with a young child, it’s important to know where they are most of the time. It’s another added responsibility to ensure that they remain where they’re supposed to be. It helps you keep track of them and they’re easy to find in case an unexpected situation crops up. You also are familiar with who is around them at all times so you can get in touch with them if needed.

Encourage Group Activities

Most adverse situations can be avoided if one is in a group. People who are alone made for easier targets. Encourage your child to be with a group at all times and avoid wandering off on their own. There’s always safety in numbers. 

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