That sacred bond between a father and a child is something no one can put into words. And aptly so, because fathers are not as forthcoming with emotions as mothers tend to be. Man of action and all that. Here are 5 heartfelt confessions of fathers that will have you calling your dad by the time you finish reading them.

1. “I was more scared than excited when you came into this world”

There’s this new life he has to take care of and provide for. What if he does something wrong or worse something that could hurt the baby? Will the mother spend all of her time with the baby hereafter? Will he always be a second choice? – These are few of many things that run through a father’s mind in the beginning. But the moment he holds his son/daughter, all of his worries seem insignificant in front of his child’s tiny hands and little yawns and cries.

2. “I’m sorry for not being there for you”

All of us have a moment in our life we wish we could’ve shared with our father. Maybe it was your first dance recital he had to miss because of work or maybe the day you graduated out of college. Especially if the mother is a stay-at-home mom, then fathers tend to miss a lot of special events in their kid’s life because mom takes on the role of being the ‘active parent’, but that doesn’t mean the father doesn’t want to be a part of his kid’s life. It’s just that sometimes it’s inevitable and he feels horrible for it.

3. “I catch myself wondering if I had to choose, would I choose you or your mother?”

As humans, we’re gifted with imaginative brains. We often make up situations in our head and play out how we’d act in them. As a kid, it’s pretty common to think Mom or dad? Similarly, as a father, he might wonder if he would choose his wife over his child or the other way round, although such situations would rarely occur in real life.

4. “I always want to make you proud”

“Dad, I’m so proud of you” – There are no sweeter words for a father. We generally tend to seek validations from our parents and extract the ‘I’m proud of you’ from them any way we can. Fathers too want nothing more than realizing that his kids are proud to call him their dad.

5.”I don’t always want to be ‘The strict one’”

Pocket money? Or that weekend getaway with friends? No matter what it is, we usually tend to ask our mothers first because it’s been instilled in us since a young age that dad is strict. The number of times you’ve heard ‘Wait till I tell your father about this’ should be enough proof of this.

But a father secretly wishes it was him you shared his secrets with and had fun with. Maybe you could’ve plotted behind your mom’s back to get her a puppy or something! 

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