Baby shower or “Godh Bharai” as it is prominently known as in India is one of the rituals that are performed. In this ritual, the mother does a “Puja” where she is blessed by the gods, the elders of the family and all the well wishers. In this ritual, the mother-to-be is given gifts, blessings and various other things that she can use when the baby arrives. The blessings are given so that the mother has a fruitful delivery and she bears a healthy baby.

But, with the changes in time, these rituals also get modified. New things are introduced in our life every now and then and we should definitely change with changing times. And the best addition that has been seen in the recent years is cakes. We all love cakes and they have become a sign of celebration for most of us. But every occasion requires its own type of cake. So, we bring to you some creative cake ideas that you can use for your own or someone else’s baby shower.

We hope these unique and creative cakes give you some ideas you can use for your baby shower. 

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