A Height-Weight Chart Based on Age to Monitor Your Child's Growth

As a parent, it is obvious and likely that one time or the other in your life you will get worried about whether your child is growing properly or not. The question might arise either about their height or about their weight or sometimes, both of these things. But, what is important to take care here is that no matter if they are growing comparatively slower to other children their age, they should still have the proper nutrition. 

There are multiple factors that affect a baby’s growth. And every kid grows based on their own genes, the food they are eating and their surroundings. So, even if other children of the same age as your little one are taller now, your child will soon catch-up. But still, there is a certain pattern that babies generally follow in their growth years. So, in order to help you understand an estimate growth pattern of your child, we have made a height-weight chart based strictly on age. We are sure that this chart will help you understand how your child should be growing and help you decide if you need help.

A Height-Weight Chart Based on Age to Monitor Your Child's Growth

In the later stages, while the weight keeps on changing as per the child’s habits, the height, however, stops increasing by 18-19 years of age and there are rare fluctuations in the height as the age increases after that.

Though this chart provides an approximate categorization of the ideal height and weight, there are some cases when the child might not grow as per the age initially and then she/he will suddenly get to their ideal height and weight. Also, as your child’s height increases, there might be a dip in their weight. This decrease in weight during their height spurt is not something to be worried about in any way. After some time, the weight of your child will catch up to his/her height. Just keep giving them the best of foods and don’t forget to get some exercise done as well. We are sure your child will grow up in the best way.

Also, as it can be seen from the chart, girls and boys have different height standards. In general, boys tend to be taller in height than girls. This is because of the different genes and hormones present in them which affect their heights and weights.

But, these should not be taken as the only parameter for your child’s height and weight. Sometimes children grow at their own pace and as such, there will be times when a girl will grow taller than a boy. This is completely hormonal and in no way should you think of your daughter as any less than a son.

Give your baby the best of care and they will surely grow to their ideal height and weight filled with your immense love.    

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