If you are thinking of giving birth to your baby in a more natural way, then you might want to consider water birthing. It’s okay to be a little apprehensive about giving birth in a pool rather in a hospital but there are so many benefits to water birthing that you might actually give it a shot. 

Childbirth that occurs in water is called water birth. It is usually done in a small pool filled with warm water and can happen in the comfort of your home or at a birthing center. A mid-wife or a nurse is usually present to help you through it. Many people believe that water birth is a more relaxed and less painful birth when compared to birthing in a hospital bed.   

The warm water acts as a sedative and by assuming a comfortable position people believe that it reduces the stress of labour on the mother and will, in turn, reduce fetal complications.

Some women go through the first stage of labour in the water because it is known to reduce pain, speed up the process and might also prevent the usage of Anastasia.

Water birthing has been in practice for many years and is gaining popularity in the recent times again.

Benefits of water birthing 

Because of the buoyancy of the water, you won’t feel your weight as much and it will also allow you to move around comfortably. It also increases blood circulation which will ensure enough oxygen for the baby.

Since it’s done in a relatively stress-free environment, it will help your boy release more endorphins which will help in dealing with pain.

The water is also known to reduce the amount of vaginal tearing and the chances of getting stitches are minimal.

Water also creates a similar environment as the amniotic sac, making the baby more comfortable and easier to adjust to the outside world.

Risks of water birthing 

As natural and beneficial water birthing is, it also has its fair share of risks and concerns you need to be aware of.

Water birth is not recommended for pregnant women with complications. If the baby is twisted with the umbilical cord then it might gasp as it comes in contact with the water.

There is not enough science to prove the safety of underwater birth and many people still consider it “experimental procedure”.

Although very small, there are chances of getting an infection while water birthing.

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