You’re pregnant: Woohoo! Time to tell your hubby the great news. And while announcing, “I’m pregnant!” will surely generate loads of excitement, if you want to get creative with the news, there are a lot of ways to do that, too.

Consider one of these cute ways to fill your husband in

Propose fatherhood the way he did for marriage

Ahh, remember the day he proposed? Who could forget that, right? Make a similarly unforgettable proposal of fatherhood: take him back to the place where he popped the question, only this time instead of a ring in a box, you hand him a box with the positive pregnancy test inside.

Text him

Out of the blue, around the time you know he’s the busiest, text him the sweet surprise with a picture of the positive pregnancy test. Rest assured, no work’s getting done that day. 

Write it on your belly

There’s a chance that your husband loves taking your shirt off anyway, so why not leave him a surprise underneath with some lipstick? You can write “Baby on board,” a simple “I’m pregnant,” or something else you think will get the point across.

Stash a clue in your groceries

There’s nothing more boring than putting away the groceries which makes it an ingenious time for the reveal by hiding a heavy hint inside one of the bags. For instance, buy a pair of baby socks and put it on top of some groceries you’ve bought, ask him to help you unpack the bags. He’ll find the socks and probably look at you questioningly. Just stare back until he finally gets it!

Hide it at the bottom of his coffee/tea cup

There he is, sipping his tea from the cup, minding his own business until, bam! he reaches the bottom of the cup and reads the news. A rush of happiness and caffeine ensues.

Give him a gift

What better gift to give a man than the news of a new addition to the family? You can wrap up the positive pregnancy test or some other baby item that gets the point across like, “I bought a rattle,” one mom says. “Then I put it in a gift box. Since it was right after Diwali, I left the box on my husband’s pillow that night and told him I found a gift I forgot to give him the day before.”

Father’s day card

Buy a Father’s Day card around the time when they’re available in stores and keep it hidden. The day you find out that you’re pregnant, give it to him, signed Mommy and Baby.

Change the wallpaper on his phone

Not much to be said about this one, grab his phone after he goes to bed and replace the generic wallpaper on his phone with something that’ll make him sit up on the bed and stare at the screen.

Doctor his dinner

A dinner date is an excellent time to share the great news since opportunities to sneak notes or clues in the food are endless or make your announcement the dessert itself. Schedule a cake to be delivered for no reason (At least for him there’s no reason for the cake, yet) around the time he gets back, let him freshen up, have a seat and open the box only to get the surprise of a lifetime: a cake that reads, “You’re gonna to be a daddy!”

Play to his hobbies

If he’s a massive cricket fan get him one of those tiny cricket bats and write “For the junior” on one side. Something like this means a lot because apart from the reveal, these kinds of gifts make men sit down and visualize all of the things they’ll be doing with the kid once he/she arrives. Be creative.

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