They say it takes a village to raise a child and we could not agree more. While a lot has been written about the joy of a new mother, not much is known about a very prominent member of this “village”- The Maasi!

A child can bring out a whole array of emotions and introduce people to things they didn’t know existed. Similar is the case of ‘Maasis’, the playful maternal aunts and in this article, we throw light on some things you will get only if you are one. Read on.

Happy Dance

The moment your sister gives you the new, you are filled with happiness and excitement that is beyond word. Probably, the only way you can express if through your happy dance.

The Bibliophile

You start preparing for the birth of your niece/ nephew religiously. Every book is read, and every video is watched. You’ll know you have done a good job when your iter complaints about the information overload you are sending her way.

What’s in a name

You begin the name hunt before anyone else does and suddenly realize that no name is worthy enough for your niece/ nephew. But you do not give up and after a lot of research and brainstorming sessions with the parent, you narrow it down to a winner.

Tiny tots and big emotions

Nothing prepared you for the moment you held the baby in your arms. You realize how tiny babies can be and how emotional they can make you. It is one of the most beautiful feelings.

Make it stop

This tiny bundle of joy that you held in your arms just a few month ago seems to be growing every single time you see him/ her. One moment they are tiny and toothless and the next, they are naughty toddler spilling soda all over your couch!

Too cool for school

One of the best parts of being a maasi is that you get to spoil the kid to your heart’s content! Pamper them a much as you want because you do not have to worry about disciplining them. Guess who is going to be their favorite at the end of the day?

 Call me Maasi

You unearth a new level of patience, you never know you had when you try to teach them to call you “Maasi”. That is unless you are ‘Poo’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

The Sister Bond

Having a niece/ nephew brings you closer to your sister and that is one of the most beautiful outcomes ever. Working as a team and watching her as a parent you develop a newfound respect for her and bond with her even better. Priceless.

A Change of Heart

You might start feeling aware about some dormant motherly instincts. Who knew you had those, right? But this child makes you feel that kids aren’t that annoying after all. And if you can love someone as much as you love him/ her, then having one of your own some day is not that difficult to visualize now.

Here were our top 9 glimpses into the life of a ‘maasi’! Have any ‘maasi’ diaries of your own? Do let us know!


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