Birthdays are always special, especially the first one. The excitement, the fun, are at a different level altogether. As parents, you would want to make the day special and memorable for your bundle of joy. While the baby is already excited with the celebrations, fun, and frolics, an amazing birthday gift will be an icing on the cake. However, zeroing upon a perfect birthday gift for a one-year-old can be quite a task. Mentioned below are some unique options that will serve as an amazing birthday gift for the little munchkin  

Don’t follow the crowd while choosing the birthday gift. Instead, go for something that will stand out for its uniqueness. A gift does not always need to be expensive to be unique. Also, keep the sex of the child in mind while selecting the gift.    

1. Music to win hearts

Most babies get excited at the sound of music. Celebrating their first year into the world, a musical book or a musical toy will be an awesome option. The baby will be more than happy to be a proud owner of such a musical delight.

2. A walker to steady the tiny steps

The little prince or the angel will soon be on their toes, making desperate attempts to move from one corner to another. A baby walker will be an ideal birthday gift, taking care of the baby and their unsteady steps when they start walking. You can also go for Push toys such as a Wagon Walker or a Zebra Walker, a fun way to get the baby on their feet.  

3. A Playhouse Canopy or a Tent house

This gift is sure to keep the baby thrilled and excited from the word go. Place the baby in the playhouse and watch them enjoy a world of their dreams and fantasy. With adjustable size, the baby can use this gem of a gift for quite a few years.

4. A doll with a doll

If there is one thing that baby girls are crazy about, it is the dolls. A doll as a birthday gift and the little angel will remember you for long. To make the doll more enticing, drape it in a dress that the baby loves the most (you can get it customised).

For the little prince charming, a toy car with innovation such as a Racing car or a Lock and Key Garage Toy will be worth a gift that they can enjoy for long.

5. The bath wraps to wraps your bundle of joy

The bath wraps are a cute yet useful gift. You can choose from a wide range of options available both online as well as offline. The bath wraps that come in different shapes and sizes are cuteness overloaded. To make the gift more creative and unique, you can get the baby’s face painted on the wrap.

6. Stacking Toy

The Stacking or the nesting toy is surely worth a try. Getting to stack the blocks one into the other can be quite intriguing for the baby. In fact, these games are a great exercise that ensures a proper brain development.

7. Soft Toys

Soft toys can be equally impressive. You can never go wrong with a soft toy. However, to play it safe, most people would opt for a soft toy. If you want the birthday gift to be unique, you can give it a miss or come up with some creativity. The choice is yours!

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