Ever touched a baby’s skin? It’s probably the softest thing you will ever touch. Children are great. Everything they do is just amazing and all of us love children. But it’s not just the things they do that makes them adorable. It’s because of that lovely and cute skin they have that on top of their expressions just make us go aww.

So it is our duty to keep this skin intact. We should do everything in our power to give the best of skin care to ourselves and thus we can always feel even happier every time we see ourselves in the mirror. But skin care is not an easy task and thus we bring to you some skin care tips that you just have to follow.

1. Moisturise to your best

The softness of a baby’s skin is mostly due to the moisture content present in their skin. This moisture is something that stays with us for probably 10 years of age and then it starts fading away. But, if you keep moisturising your skin, it will last longer as the external moisturiser will not let the core moisture get dried up.

2. Exfoliate

The moment we come into existence, even before we are born, our body cells start reproducing and dying. But, in the womb, these cells are easily filtered out. Outside the womb, however, the dead skin cells stay on the skin itself thereby reducing the skin glow. Hence, it is important to remove this dead cells from their skin. And thus, exfoliation becomes important. So exfoliate yourself to the best of your abilities.

3. Skin Masks

Skin masks not only help improve the tightness of the skin by binding the skin cells but also extract all the dirt and unwanted materials out of the skin. This helps in bringing that forever lovely baby skin back while also moisturising and nourishing the skin. With the skin or face masks, you will get a glow which will make you look younger than ever.

4. Unclogging the pores

Remember when we were kids we had no skin problems or worries of any kind? Ever wondered what happened suddenly that now so many skin problems have started erupting in you? Well, the thing is that when we were younger, our skin had free pores which were able to breathe on their own thereby giving the skin the desired glow. But as we grew up, this glow disappeared because the pores of our skin got blocked by dust and other foreign materials. So all you have to do is unclog those pores and with the skin breathing again, you will look as young as always. For unclogging, the one thing you can start with is drinking more water. It will definitely help in removing all the unwanted material in the skin from the inside.

Having a baby skin is not that easy. You have to take care of yourself every day and with the same vigour. It’s all about how much you love your skin and how much time are you willing to give for it. Once you start giving enough time to your own body and skin, you will see the difference in no time.

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