With the shelves laden with beauty products for the masses, people are now looking for alternatives that bring them closer to nature. The organic products are much smoother on the skin and for all the animal lovers out there, most of them aren’t even tested on animals! Not only does it have a more rejuvenating feel, but also the fragrances make you feel in the midst of nature even within the bustling city.

1. BON Organics

Short for Bio Organic and Natural, this brand is nearly 20 years old from when it began in Auroville, Tamil Nadu in 1997. It is USDA certified. Their beauty products include a range of eyebrow fillers, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and kajals spanning over numerous shades for every skin type. Not to stop there, BON Organics also sell a range of skincare products such as shampoos, shower gels, spa items, body oils and lip balms.

If you read further into the brand, they promote ethical, sustainable, plastic free and women empowering processes of production, making you love them even more.

2. Body Shop

This brand is everyone’s all time favourite, whether it comes to gifting or for personal use. They seem to nail everything from their products to their packaging and even their pricing. Their products include all sorts of makeup you could ever wish for, along with the best fragrances and body care items.

3. Sheer Cover

The organic items used by Sheer Cover are said to have high anti aging properties, keeping your skin healthy and radiant for longer. Their products include everything you would require for the perfect outing-concealers, foundations, primers and the likes. They are known for their variety of shades for every skin tone, which also claims to contain 100% skin friendly minerals.

4. Avon

Avon seems to be an ideal brand for those who are still new to the world of makeup. All their products are made up of mineral pigments and are said to be ideal for sensitive skin. Avon is mostly known for their foundation, used by quite a few women across the country.

5. Loreal Paris

This brand isn’t new to any of us. The television is splattered with advertisements of this brand. They’ve come out with their organic makeup range, especially the Loreal True Match Foundation. It claims to have no preservatives or perfumes and is made up of 95% minerals, not to mention dermatologically tested as well. A 30ml bottle of the foundation would cost you nothing below Rs 1025.

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