How You Can Stay Healthy This Monsoon

Throughout the summer all we longed for was a spat of rain to give us some relief from the scorching heat of the sun. We finally received the showers that we longed for. Monsoons are the perfect weather for piping hot bhajis and bondas. The kids are always out playing in the rain and their happiness reminds us of our own childhood.

Now that our wish has been granted and we have been blessed with more rain than we expected, we find that so many of us are falling sick every day. The monsoons this year have been pretty heavy and it makes us all just want to sit at home with a hot cup of chai. Too bad we have to get up and go to work every day. With the monsoons comes a wide range of water-borne diseases. So how do we stay healthy during this season?

Carry umbrella and raincoat when stepping out

Even when it is sunny out, it is always better to be prepared for the rain rather than being caught by surprise. There are umbrellas available that are compact enough to fit into your bag when you are stepping out. When folded, they are just the size of your palm. You can also buy raincoats that when folded, fit snugly in your pocket.

Consume immunity boosting food

Make it a point to eat food that is known to boost your immune system. This includes fruits rich in vitamin C. If you like drinking a hot cup of tea in the evening, pop a clove of garlic into the soup while preparing it.

Avoid street food

As tempting as it sounds, you should avoid eating pani puris, ice golas and cane juice from the roadside shops this season. If you must have them, just make it at home. Then again, you would feel bloated up and this can make you fall sick. Avoid having raw fruit and vegetables outside. You can have them at home after washing them thoroughly or preferably cooking.

Drink enough water

Ensure you are drinking enough water every day even if you are not up and about. Water is the best and safest option to keep you hydrated. You cannot replace water with sugary drinks, carbonated drinks or caffeinated drinks. You should also make sure that the water is purified and boiled to get rid of the bacteria and germs.

Avoid walking through puddles

Rainwater puddles are a dangerous part of the monsoon season. These stagnant water bodies come in various sizes and attract a very dangerous insect – the mosquitoes. If you have any large puddles near your house, you should ensure that it gets cleared up as soon as possible. You should definitely not walk through puddles as it can cause a number of foot infections.

Apply mosquito repellent cream on your skin

Whenever you are heading out, apply a mosquito repellent cream on your skin. This will help prevent mosquito related diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

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