Mom is the best teacher. Buy these learning essentials for your kid!

“A hand that rocks a cradle rules the world!” A mother is the best teacher a child can ever ask for! As a mommy, you begin teaching your little one right at your own home, even before you enroll them in a school!

It is true that 50% of the knowledge a child has is because of his mother and the remaining 50% is a culmination of what the child learns from the surroundings and the kind of society he lives in. Be it morals or be it learning numbers, a mother is always on her toes to teach something new to her child.

While your kid is on a journey to learn something new every day, here’s a list of the learning essentials you should buy for your child’s learning development.

1.Alphabets and Language

Teaching little children is a totally different experience. Mommies can use some great learning materials depending on the method they want to use to teach their kids. Learning alphabets can make your child become more accustomed to learning and grasping the English language.

You can use learning tools like a wooden board of alphabets which is an interactive toy for your kid! (check it out here)

Take a look at some fun and educational picture books for your child right here!!

2.Colors and shapes

The vivid colors and shapes are a great way to help your child learn. Psychologically, it has a greater impact on the child’s learning capabilities as bright colors can help them remember better. Not only that, they begin to associate the different colors to different objects around them. Usually, when they see red, they’ll associate it to a tomato or an apple or even a rose! This hence boosts their cognitive capabilities and motivates them to learn further.

Through shapes, your child will be able to grasp logical capabilities as it would require them to manually assign the shapes in their particular slots.

You can show them many picture books which are easy to understand and even fun to look at!

Have you checked the fun shape learning toy yet?

You can buy these type of learning gears right here!

3.Memory and Matching

This is a great tool to help your child to enhance his memory skills. The ability to remember, recollect and recall will help your child study better and dealing with studies in a more efficient manner.

Fun memory games can be of great help for your child as it will not just enhance their memory and recalling skills but also make them think and improve their concentration levels.

Check out this awesome memory game right here!

4.Reading and Writing

Teaching your child how to read and write is one of the coolest tasks a mom can do. Once children learn how to scribble and doodle, they just want to go on and on.

They could literally scribble all over the walls of your home and draw funny little creatures on it. A magic slate is a perfect idea to get for your toddler so that his little hands could just keep drawing and not get tired!

Check out the magic slate here!

If you’re looking for some fun and educational activities for your 5-year-old kid, why don’t you give workbooks a shot! They have fun activities like puzzles, joining the dots, match making etc. You name it and it is available..exclusively for your growing up kid.

Check out the workbooks right here!

5.Numbers and Logic

Numbers are fun to play with! Teach your child the numerical through pictographic representations or tools like Abacus (for kids over 5 years) and simple picture books for your little one while teaching him how to count. It is easy to teach as there are vivid pictures to look at!

It enhances your child’s retaining skills and he will be able to count numbers in no time!

Check out the math gear right here!

Check out this awesome abacus kit right here!

Education is the best when it gets more personalized to cater to every child’s needs and requirements. Only a mother knows how to train her youngling to get into the real world! These learning gears will be super helpful for you mommies..go ahead and explore the wide range of educational toys and other gears only at Flipkart!


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