The Athlete’s Foot-All You Need To Know

You might wonder if this could mean that you have the super ability to run as fast as an athlete! But clearly, this isn’t exactly what you expected and no it doesn’t mean that you have the running abilities.

What is it?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which starts off in between the toes. People who have sweaty feet and have a habit of wearing tight fitting shoes are prone to catching this infection. It is a scaly infection which causes a lot of itch and discomfort. The itching is at its peak when you take off your shoes and socks.

It is closely associated with other fungal infections like ringworm and jock itch (the itchiness that happens in the intimate areas of your body like the genitals and your inner thighs and buttocks).

It could also spread to your toes, finger nails and hands if your itch and peel the skin from the infected part of your feet.

Is it contagious?

This is a condition which is caused by the action of fungus, therefore, you need to beware of your surroundings. It is contagious, so you need to be very careful because it spreads quickly. It spreads through contaminated towels, floor, unclean and damp shoes.

What are the symptoms?

-Continuous itching

-A stinging and a burning sensation in between the toes

-Sore and aching soles

-Blisters on different patches of the skin

-Peeling or cracked feet

-Itchy blisters

-Cracked skin between the toes and torn soles

-Decolourised and brittle nails

How can it be treated?

You can treat this condition right at home using the home remedies. This is not such a serious condition which will compel you to visit a doctor but if you have diabetes you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

A good foot care helps in avoiding this infection:

-Keep your feet dry and clean all the time

-Wear footwear that allows your feet to breathe

-Wear socks to secure your feet even when you’re indoors

-Wear socks that absorb your sweat and change your socks twice a day if you sweat a lot.

-Wipe your feet dry and clean the area between your toes first after you bathe or wash your legs.


Although your feet are going to smell gross after you place garlic in your shoes and some between your toes, it will only help the itching go away and heal your infection faster. Eating garlic can also help but the process will be slower.

Neem Oil

This is like a one stop shop to heal all your ailments due to its toxic property towards the harmful bacteria and fungus on our body. Apply this with the help of a cotton swab on your clean and dry feet.

Corn starch and Baking Soda

Sprinkling either one of them on your feet before you wear your socks is a great way to keep the moisture at bay. This will not help the itching and burning but it will absorb all the moisture and keep your skin dry. Baking soda will reduce the not so pleasant sweat smell of the foot.

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