Using AC With a Newborn—Is It Safe?

The answer is yes! Yes, it is safer to use AC for babies, rather than having them play or sleep in a hot and humid, airless room. Many experts have their opinions favoring the use of air conditioners with your new-borns as according to them, a well-cooled and airy room helps a baby to sleep well and grow properly. So, you can use air conditioners or coolers for your baby, but after you take few precautions. 

1. Correct temperature

It is very necessary to maintain the temperature of the room in between 23 degrees and 26 degrees, hence, make sure to set an alarm or timer for the duration an AC would take in cooling the room to that temperature.

2. Covering your baby

While you put your baby in a room with AC on, make sure to cover him with a light blanket till his elbows. You can also use light caps to cover his head and ears while sleeping. Also, avoid dressing your baby in too many layers of clothes.

3. Prevent direct blast of cold air from reaching your baby

Exposing your baby to cool air of the AC can cause him to catch cold or other health problems. Hence, make sure to cover your baby in proper clothing and also, to keep him away from the blasting air.

4. Is your AC working properly?

Before using your AC, make sure to get it checked beforehand, by contacting the service center. You can also go through the manual to know about the details regarding how and when its servicing should be done.

5. Use that moisturizer well on your baby’s skin

Before you start your room’s air conditioner, make sure to use a moisturizer to moisturize your baby’s skin as exposing him to AC may dry up his skin. Many moms prefer applying a tinge of oil in their baby’s nostrils as it helps in dodging nose-bleeding. You can do the same too but first, consult with your doctor about the type of oil which should be used for this.

6. Avoid taking your baby to a warm place immediately after leaving your air-conditioned room

If you want to take your baby out of the air-conditioned room then make sure you switch off the air-conditioner first and let your baby adjust to the temperature, outside as exposing the baby’s body to different temperature can make him sick. Also, make sure to switch off your car’s AC, before you step out of it with your newborn. 

Who says it’s mandatory to use an AC or cooler for your baby? When it isn’t too hot, then a number of moms prefer using a ceiling fan to keep their babies cool and it does work well in keeping your baby cool. Hence, you can either use an AC with precautions for your baby or simply a ceiling fan with other simple tricks to keep your baby cool, during this hot weather.

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