What To Expect During Your Second Pregnancy

Your first pregnancy will have a spot in your heart and your memories for the rest of your life. You will remember every little kick, ache, and hiccup. It is especially important to remember and recall what you did the first time during your second pregnancy.

You may think that since you have already been through one pregnancy, your second should be easier. This is true to some extent. Here’s what you should mentally prepare yourself for, getting pregnant the second time.


If you felt nauseous the first time you got pregnant, chances are you would feel nauseous again the second time around. Since you have your first little one running about, you would have something to cheer you up this time. Even if the day gets stressful, you know you would have to sit down and play with your first born later in the day.


Since your uterus has already been through one pregnancy, it would be easier for your body to prepare itself for birth. Also, your uterus does not shrink to its original size so your pregnancy would be evident sooner than it was the first time. This means you would have to start wearing maternity clothes sooner and everyone around would notice your bump sooner as well.

Fetal Movements

You would be able to notice the fetal movements much earlier this time around. This is not because of anything you or your baby are doing differently. It is simply because you are already familiar to what the baby movements feel like.

Tiredness and Fatigue

As you have a small child to look after this time, it can make you feel more tired than you did the first time you got pregnant. Due to being tired, you may have a tendency to reach out for unhealthy food. As tempting as it may be, you should avoid doing so. One remedy would be to keep a stock of healthy treats in the house. That way, you can only reach out for stuff that’s good for you.

Aches and Pains

The relaxin hormone is more active during this pregnancy. This causes your joints to be relaxed faster and it may cause you to have more aches and pains. Also, your baby may be positioned in your lower abdomen due to the stretching that occurred in your first pregnancy. This can lead to increased lower back pain and loose hips.

Braxton Hicks

You may observe Braxton Hicks a few weeks earlier than you did during your first pregnancy. Just as in the case of baby movements, you would notice the contractions sooner only due to being familiarised to the feeling. Just as you did earlier, you should time the contractions and report it to your doctor on your next visit.

Shorter Labour

All the phases of labour, including pushing, would take less time than it did the first time you went into labour. This is because your body has been through a pregnancy before and thus your uterus and cervix are prepared for it.


The second time around, the uterus aggressively tries to clamp down to reduce the chances of bleeding out. This can cause severe pains due to the postpartum contractions.

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