What Will Your Baby Look Like?

When you or your family members look at your baby the first thing that is often said is ‘he looks exactly like you!’ or ‘She looks like her father’ and there is always that super excited but slightly creepy uncle that says ‘She looks exactly like her father’s mother’s brother’ Like what? But even before your baby is born you might find yourself wondering how he/she will look like. Maybe this will give you an idea.


The pigment melanin determines the eye colour of your baby. If you, your husband and a majority of your family members have brown or black eyes, then it’s a strong possibility that your baby will have the same too. But sometimes two brown eyed-parents can give birth to a blue-eyed baby.

Generally, there are 2 genes that are involved – the dominant one and the recessive one. If it is as stated above, the dominant gene becomes the brown colour of the eyes and the recessive one is the blue colour. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the dominant colour that is always passed on. All is it takes is one blue eyed person in your ancestral history, and your baby might have blue eyes!

Hair colour

Dark hair is dominant over light hair in general. In India, we don’t find a lot of light haired people so the chances of your baby getting blonde hair are slim. It’s just shades of brown or black locks you can expect. Sometimes babies are born with lighter hair but eventually they grow out of it and darker hair will grow in.

Facial features

Certain traits like dimples, facial symmetry and freckles can depend on the dominant gene. If you or your partner has them then it’s most likely that your baby will also inherit them. Then there are a few specific features that run in the family like heavy earlobes, birthmarks and so on that, your baby might be born with. Even something like “gap tooth” is found to be a dominant gene


A general thumb rule is to take the average height of mom’s and dad’s and add it by two inches for a son or subtract it by two inches if it’s a baby girl. This is not scientific or accurate of course but it’s an estimate you can go for. There are cases where the son or daughter is taller than the parents or anyone in their family. 

Check out this website where you can upload your photos to see what your baby looks like. 

As your baby grows, his/her genes will also be influenced by environmental factors so don’t be surprised if they don’t remain your adorable little munchkin forever.

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