6 Hacks To Make Changing Nappies Super Easy

Shahid Kapoor claims to enjoy doing this, Mark Zuckerberg has posted pictures of himself doing it, Saif Ali Khan claims to be a pro at this and Virat Kohli has done this in his free time! What, you ask? Well, they all seem to be pretty good at changing diapers and nappies. 

Well, we always see the rosy parts of everything on the internet, but those who have actually changed diapers know that it isn’t always sunshine and daisies. Sometimes you’re so confused that you’re left thinking “How the hell did that become that way?!”, or “How did it get so messy?” and we understand. We totally get it. 

Now, we want both you and your little baby to have a nice experience while the diaper is being changed, so we asked some experts for a few hacks. Here you go:     

1. Keep everything ready and close

Before you embark on the mission of changing your baby’s diapers, make sure you have everything you need close by, and ready to be used. If you do need to find something else, make sure you keep one hand on the belly. Try and have at least a few changing areas around the house so that you don’t always have to go to the same spot.

2. Minimize other distractions!

This applies to both you and your baby. It would be super effective if you reduced any outside distractions on either side of the changing table. This means your baby won’t have anything to turn to. Preferably, having something that the baby can look up to would be best – since it’ll keep the baby entertained and also busy, but won’t make it move around.

3. Change at a convenient height

Of course the baby is the priority, but also make sure you change the diaper at a height that is convenient for you, where you can lean your elbows comfortably. You don’t want to be bending down or reaching above every time you have to change (which will be quite often!)

4. Undress your baby from top down

This is really a no-brainer. If you are expecting a messy diaper, then take off the baby’s clothes top down, where there’s a lesser chance of the rest of the clothes getting dirty.

5. Don’t change a dirty nappy unless you’re totally ready

Like we said at point #1, don’t change a nappy unless you’re ready with everything you need – new nappy, wipes, powder and all. If you have a baby boy, place a soft cloth on his penis to avoid any surprise splashes!  

6. Make sure the nappy isn’t too tight

Imagine making the baby wear really tight clothes – now imagine the baby’s sensitive skin. That’s how it’s going to be if you make the diaper too tight around your little kid. If you notice any marks around the baby’s skin, it means it’s time for you to loosen it!

Share these helpful tips with other moms too, so that they can also benefit from these hacks! 

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