7 Weirdest Baby Deliveries You’ll Ever Hear About

The world is a strange place. Every day we have something out of the box that’s happening around us. Pregnancy already being a miraculous thing to happen comes with surprises of its own. There are wonders that happen all over the world like the surprise pregnancy, mothers not even being aware of them carrying babies, some over grown babies and lots more.

Here’s a compilation of the strangest births ever recorded:

1. A 61-year-old grandma gave birth to her granddaughter!

61-year-old Kristin Casey gave birth to a healthy baby for her daughter Sarah Connell as she was unable to conceive due to her body’s environment. Her mother Kristin volunteered to become a surrogate mother and give birth to her granddaughter.

2. The 6.2-kilogram baby!

A woman named Kendall Stewardson gave birth to a baby who weighed 6.2 kilograms!! The woman from Iowa pushed for 6 hours straight without any medications and birthed a healthy but overweight baby.

What’s more strange is that she herself weighed 5.5 kg when she was born.

3. The textile twins

You must have never heard of half kids being born in 2011 and the rest of them in 2012! Sounds incredible, isn’t it? A mother from Minnesota named Stephanie ended up giving birth to a baby way before her due date. She gave birth to a male child on new year’s eve and on the next day is the 1st of January, she gave birth to a baby girl!

4. The miracle baby

A pregnant woman was kidnapped and stabbed by her kidnapper. He burnt the area and tried shooting her too. She drenched herself in mud and played dead. She made an escape and just 12 days down the line, she suffered a childbirth and gave birth to a healthy baby.

5. “ I didn’t know I was pregnant”

A woman named Jennifer Vest was suddenly awakened by a horrible stomach ache and back cramps on the 4th of July. Her husband got worried and took her to the hospital immediately. The pair was shocked as they didn’t know she was pregnant! A few hours later, she gave birth to a cute little healthy baby.

6. The 75-day delivery

A woman named Jonah from Poland was pregnant with triplets. She experienced contractions almost 2 and a half months before her actual due date. One of her babies was born prematurely and it died.

The doctors advised her to keep her legs up every time she experienced contractions. That was the only way to keep the babies inside the womb until the actual due date. Finally, she won the battle against time and delivered 2 healthy babies- a girl and a boy. 

7. The world’s youngest grandmother

A 23-year-old girl from Romania is the world’s youngest granny. Her 11-year-old daughter had given birth to a baby and that makes the 23-year-old woman a grandma already! It is said that she was from an oppressed family and she too had a baby when she was only 12. Unfortunately, she couldn’t even save her own daughter from the tragic oppression.  

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