Gestures Of A Man Show What He Really Feels About You-Decoded!!

Most of us are getting better at the whole ‘manipulation’ game. People mask their gestures but unfortunately, their motives become clear as that’s something nobody can hide. However, what your man might be doing with you might confuse you and put you in a fix.

Luckily we have the book of body language and scientifically, it has been proved that your body language is the most powerful evidence of your motives. So here are few things your husband might be doing on a day to day basis and here’s all the information DECODED!

1. Your face

When a man falls in love, he is always waiting for a chance to establish a kind of a contact with the woman. He’ll be waiting for a chance to make a physical contact with his woman. So if he’s touching your cheeks and making an eye contact that means he’s head over heels in love with you.

If your man is shy by nature, he’ll find reasons to touch you and make a contact like if he tries to rub off that invisible dust from your face, he’s making a genuine effort.

2.Your hair

Your man will try to play with your hair in numerous ways. Yes, men are crazy about those luscious locks you have and they adore you. So, if you find your man playing with your hair, he’s waiting for you to respond to it. The way you respond will let him know the level of comfort you have with him for the time being. He doesn’t want to scare you off after all!

3.Your hand

If your man suddenly holds your hand that means he’s ready to commit and he is protective of you. A lot!! The way he holds your hand, it will tell you exactly what’s his intention towards you. The grip is that one key which reveals everything about the way your man feels about you.

4.Your legs

So, if a man is really interested in you, he will do anything and everything to keep in close contact with you. Just like the way he holds your hand and touches the back of your hand gently, he will touch your knee.

Generally, men tend to touch your knee ‘accidentally’ just to see how you’d react to it. The way you react to it will tell his next moves easily.

5. The way he looks at you

It is said that when you look at something you love, your pupils dilate immediately. If you see him make an effort to maintain closeness towards you, he really really likes you. If he’s smiling and flashing all his 32, that is a clear sign of interest in you.

6. Raising eyebrows

That’s a common sign which means ‘I’m listening’. Men are listeners and women are the talkers. If you’re talking and your man occasionally raises his eyebrows, that means he’s interested in knowing more about you and that he’s listening to you with full concentration!

7.Over social media

With the technology’s advancements, there are men who like being in contact through social media like WhatsApp or Facebook. If he’s far off and unable to be there physically, he’ll make an effort to talk to you over social media. That’s exactly the way he’s showing his concern towards you.

This is exactly what your man is trying to tell you because actions speak louder than words! 


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