Have a Low Appetite During Pregnancy? Try These Tips

Pregnancy is full of different changes that happen in your body and mind. With these changes, even the food habits change. All of a sudden you get a craving for something you have never even tasted or like and sometimes even your favourite food doesn’t feel right. These changes are completely normal and it is only logical that you do what you feel like. Sometimes you will feel like eating everything you can and sometimes you just won’t eat anything the entire day.

Loss of appetite is a common thing during pregnancy and can happen at any stage. It is nothing to freak out about. All you need to do is follow some simple tips and you will get your appetite back in no time.

1. Try foods at different temperatures

Some foods taste good when they are hot and some of them taste good when they are cold. It’s how our taste buds react to them. But during pregnancy, there are chances that due to chemical imbalance you might prefer the hot foods in a cold state or maybe at a more normal temperature. Try this and might help.

2. Start with eating less at a time

Sometimes eating too heavily at a time might also disrupt your entire food cycle which in turn leads to you not feeling hungry when you should. So, build up your appetite. Start with light food and eat less. Then slowly when you start feeling hungry you can keep on increasing the food intake. This will get back your appetite in no time.

3. Stay hydrated

During pregnancy more fluid is used by the body and with you vomiting, it removes a lot of fluid from your body. Thus, it is important you keep yourself hydrated to keep your entire body functioning properly. Drinking water frequently also helps retain the appetite. You can try various drinks and not just water.

4. Don’t skip meals

We know you don’t feel like eating three square meals at the right time. But understand this, skipping meals will not help but will only make it worse. Even if you don’t feel like eating too much, just take some food in little quantities. But do not let your stomach be empty.

5. Eat for one, not two

Your little one will get whatever nutrition s/he needs by what you eat. There is no need of any kind for you to eat for two people. The child’s appetite is not as big as a grown adult and thus instead of eating too much and then getting ill, it’s recommended to eat just the right amount for your own self.

What you eat will not affect just your health but your baby’s nutrition too. So, taking care of your own nutrition becomes imperative as not just one but two lives are stake. 

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