How To Swaddle Your Baby?

Video source: Howcast (Youtube) 

Swaddling has been done since many years and it has many benefits for your baby. It will relax and help your baby settle if s/he’s crying or overstimulated.

Swaddled babies are also known to have longer, deeper sleeps, especially if the baby’s a newborn because swaddling gives them a sense of protection and warmth they are used to in the womb. Swaddling also reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in babies because it’ll keep the baby from moving around and shifting much and finally ending up on their tummies.

The right way to swaddle

1. Spread out a light weight blanket in a diamond shape. You can even get a blanket that is specifically designed for swaddling.

2. Fold the top corner of the blanket by few inches

3. Place your baby on top of the blanket such that the head lies above the folded portion.

4. Holding the right arm of the baby at her side, wrap the right side of the blanket across her body towards the left and tug the extra portion underneath.

5. Fold the down portion of the blanket upwards, not too tight and make sure it doesn’t cover the face of the baby.

6. Repeat the same thing on the left side as you did on the right side. If it’s a swaddling blanket, you will have a hook or a velcro that will keep the wrap secure. 

7. This will keep your little one snug and warm. 

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