Video – Amazing Birth Of A Baby Through Gentle C-Section (Cesarean)

For a majority of pregnant woman, being told that they have to go undergo C-section will come as a huge disappointment. If your baby is born through C-section then you won’t be able to have immediate skin-on-skin contact, unlike a natural birth. Those first few seconds of having your baby on your chest as soon as s/he is born are very vital in improving bonding and breastfeeding.

Unfortunately as is the case with many C-section deliveries, the baby is whisked away from the mother and the new mom is hardly aware of what is going on around her.

There’s natural birth and then there’s Cesarean but what you might not know is that few hospitals offer what is called ‘Gentle C-section’ which is a procedure that makes small tweaks and changes to the standard C-section to make you more involved in the birthing process.

How does gentle C-section differ from a C-section?

The mother is usually strapped to the bed and a screen blocks the view of the child being born during a normal C-section.

During a gentle C-section, you can ask your doctor to prop you up so that you can see the birth of your child and there will be clear plastic drapes used instead of a solid screen.

The baby will be delivered slowly by allowing the baby itself to squeeze out on its own similar to a vaginal birth. And as soon as the baby is delivered s/he won’t be separated from you; you’ll be allowed to hold your baby after birth and can choose to hold him throughout the operation.

You are even given the choice of being a little less sedated so that you are more aware of your surroundings and the birthing process in general.

In a lot of cases where there are birth complications or risk of danger to the mother or the baby, C-section becomes more of a necessity than a choice. So it’s essential that you explore and learn about all your options before entering the delivery room. 

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