Body Swelling During Pregnancy – Know The Causes And Measures

Is your ring feeling tight on the fingers? Have your hands enlarged? Welcome to the third trimester of pregnancy!

This swelling is also called Edema, which occurs only during pregnancy but can give you a lot of trouble. During the pregnancy, your body produces approximately 50% more blood and other fluids for your baby’s development. The extra fluid gets deposited in the tissue of your hands, feet and ankles. At the time of pregnancy, 25% of the weight increase of women is due to all this extra fluid.

But why is there so much fluid?

Well, the extra fluid in your body makes your body soft, expands your body to make space for your growing baby, and opens up your pelvic joints to prepare for delivery. Due to the weight gain during your pregnancy, you may exert more pressure on your feet, and although it won’t cause you pain, it’ll definitely bother you. So how do you deal with it? We’ll tell you:

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Are you wondering how your swelling can be reduced by drinking more water? We know it sounds weird, but it actually helps. By drinking more water, you’ll have to pee more, this gets the extra fluid out of your body. Swimming is the best exercise during pregnancy, because the pressure that your body feels during swimming applies pressure on your tissue as well, due to which your excess fluid gets out.

2. Eat good food

It is very important to follow a good diet during your pregnancy. The lack of potassium in the body may increase the swelling. Eating more salt in your food will also increase the swelling, hence, include less salt and more sodium in the diet by adding foods such as bananas, which also contain plenty of potassium. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can and drink less coffee, because caffeine can increase swelling.

3. Sleep on your side

It is forbidden to sleep on your back during pregnancy. It can be good to sleep on your side, because it applies less pressure on your stomach. The vein which transmits deoxygenated blood from one half of your body to the other half passes through your left side, so it’s advisable to sleep on that side. The correct flow of blood in your body will also help reduce the swelling.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

It is essential that you wear the right clothes to reduce your swelling. Wear stockings or leggings that can prevent your feet from bloating up. Do not wear clothes so tight that they actually pressurize your ankles. When wearing socks, note that some socks might not look tight, but on wearing them, the swelling might increase. Try as much as possible to wear loose clothes.

When can an emergency arise?

Consult a doctor immediately if you experience sudden, painful bloating. It can be preeclampsia, which is quite dangerous. Symptoms of preeclampsia can be:




Neck and abdominal pain

Back pain

Shortness of breath

Trouble in eyesight

Blood clot

Sudden weight gain

Do your fingers have a tickling sensation? Are you unable to even hold a coffee mug? Do not ignore these symptoms. This can be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It affects the vein passing through your wrist and hand. It connects your thumb, index and middle fingers and gives them the strength to move your muscles. If your hands become warm and feel weak, contact the doctor immediately.  


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