Father-In-Law: An Unsung Hero

“Not all heroes wear capes” – neither do father-in-laws. It is natural that when we hear the word “in-laws”, we cringe because they give us the most uninvited advice in the most annoying way. A father-in-law, no matter what he does and how much he cares for us, is the one who has often been tagged under the name “in-laws”. So, here is a tribute for those father-in-laws who are always working and never breaking the support system of our lives.

Most of us might have been in a situation where we feel it is agonizing to deal with the parent-in-laws. But we should open heartedly accept is they were part and parcel of our spouse’s childhood and an important ingredient in our present life. We simply can’t deny the fact that they have played a major role in shaping our spouse to what he is now. Let us rejoice the efforts and greatness of those unsung heroes. So, here is the list of things that every father-in-law generally do but are least cherished.

Most Welcoming Member

As a newlywed, when we are missing our own family terribly, the father-in-law is the one who, undoubtedly, welcomes us with open arms and treats us like we are the daughters he never had.

• Moderator and Pacifier

The tug-of-war between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is an age-old phenomenon and a topic of sitcom jokes ever since and father-in-law is the one who keeps a check on it. Father-in-laws cushion the more intrusive demands of the mother-in-law and makes life easier for daughter-in-laws. He is the moderator who keeps pacifying the misunderstandings between wife and daughter-in-law and tries to create harmony in the family.

• Great Advice and Help

Have a problem with a major project at the office? He will help you out to sort it. Do we need a help in choosing paint for our new house? He will be there to lend a hand and provide assistance with no strings attached. Such form of generosity of the father-in-laws helps in improving the family bonds and situations. But along with this, he also makes sure that everything is done within limits so that we are not deprived of our roles and responsibilities as daughter-in-laws.

• Affectionate and Trusting

Though he is the most gentle and affectionate person in the new family, he still knows to keep the emotional distance and set boundaries with us. Just like our fathers, he also wants us to struggle and clear out our problems in life by ourselves. He makes sure we assume adult responsibilities for the well-being of our family and our marriage.

• Loves and Cares For The Grandchildren Unconditionally:

Father-in-law is the person who is ever ready to take our baby/toddler for a walk while we can sit peacefully and sip a cup of coffee. He is also constantly geared up to baby sit and never complains so that we can concentrate on our work at the office.

• Warm and Sociable

Father-in-laws are, by and large, flexible in scheduling family gatherings or events for being more hospitable and gracious. They make sure everyone attends the gatherings heartily and leaves with the sweet memories in mind and smile on the face.

• Appreciation

They acknowledge and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of the daughter-in-law. They also encourage her to keep up the pace with her husband’s life.

• Encouragement

Father-in-laws, whether educated or uneducated, they show genuine interest in us and our work making us feel more enthusiastic and buoyant. Father-in-laws never let their daughter-in-laws feel left out. He is the one who lowers his guard and lets us in and generously shares his well-protected family with us. 

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