Home remedies for dry cough

home remedies for dry cough, winter season as started, every child catch cough easily . here some home remedies to cure dry cough 


Honey is one of great and effective solution for cough. It helps to recover fast, 1/2 spoon honey can be give to 2 yrs about kids. 


2. Tulasi  

Tulasi can be given to kids in the form of crush type.. Tulasi extract is effective.   


   Making kids to get steam which helps in relief of cough pressure in nose blocks. In steam add eucalyptus oil to fast relief 


Ginger is a another source for cough remedies, can give ginger extract only or can mix with ginger and honey which help in recovery. 

5.More water or fluid 

 keep kids hydrated while in cough, give more water or soup or juice help in fast recovery. fluids dissolve cough more faster.   


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