Things Keep In Mind While Choosing A Doctor During Pregnancy

They say it’s a woman’s rebirth. A life that she gets while she brings a new life into this world, is a renewed life in many ways. And, how true is that ! For any woman, impending motherhood is an experience that she cherishes all through her life. Right of planning to conception and then the delivery, it is a journey that needs support and empathy from all quarters of life. Family and friends become an integral part. But perhaps what stands the most important find in this journey is the doctor. A person who helps to bring that change in your life. A person who stands with you at every stage and becomes an indispensable instrument in more ways than one. And why not, it is indeed a truth that without a good doctor at hand, at times, even the most uncomplicated pregnancies also gets botched up. So, finding the right doctor is imperative for your pregnancy to run smooth. So, here are few tips that you must keep in your mind while deciding on a doctor during pregnancy.

Reputation of the Doctor

First and foremost thing to keep in mind while choosing your doctor is to dig upon her reputation. Many a times, even though the outward appearance may be fancy, but the inside story may be obnoxious. knowing about the full potential of the doctor is important. Do a brief background check and talk to anyone who has a prior experience of being her patient. This helps.

Distance from the Home

It is always good to have both the hospital and the doctor near your home. Pregnancy is an unknown journey in many ways. You actually don’t know what’s coming in the very next moment. And, if this happens to be your first one, the chance of getting rattled at the drop of your hat is far too many. In such a scenario, having your doctor and hospital nearby is an advantage that cannot be possibly undermined. So chose wisely.

Affiliated to which Hospital

If you have chosen a doctor who has a clinic, please find out which hospital she is affiliated to. Is she is just a consultant or a resident doctor. Also, make sure that the hospital has adequate facilities to cater any kind of emergency. Important to know that for pregnancy, it is not only the newborn but the new mother also might need specialized medical aid. So, a doctor who is connected to a super speciality hospital is highly recommended.

Does she suits your temperament?

You may see this as a trivial issue, but during that nine month haul, this something that stands to be one of the most important issues that you need to take care of. Pregnancy is not only a physical evolution, it is as much mental and psychological. So, you need to tune yourself with a doctor who is kind enough to lend you an ear, no matter how trivial your queries are. If the doctor you have chosen doesn’t suit your temperament, please change. Until all your doubts are satisfied, this long journey will become more troublesome than being enjoyable.

How Accessible

Ensure that your doctor is accessible through phone calls, text messages and emails. If the doctor doesn’t respond to your messages, then know that it is the time to change her. It is imperative that your doctor is accessible to you always, in all your need.

Financial Viability

Pregnancy these days is quite a financial stress for many. Weigh the pros and cons of choosing a doctor. The battery of the tests, the consultation fees and then the hospitalization and delivery charges can at time dig a big hole in your pocket. Some doctors are overly expensive. So, before jumping the bandwagon of glamorous and glitzy pregnancies, please ensure your financial viability. Choose a doctor whom you can sustain till the end. This is important for the larger good, and for the long run.  

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