Why Does It Hurt When I Breastfeed My Baby?

Mommies have had complaints and worries regarding the painful experience while breastfeeding. Many didn’t know what’s happening or if that is even normal. Breastfeeding is a wonderful feeling for every woman but no two mothers will have the same experience.

What works for one may or may not work for the other. Many moms have had trouble with breastfeeding as they were new mommies. Women aren’t born mommies so they are still trying to figure out how to actually breastfeed.

Here’s why you’ve had those aches while breastfeeding:

1. Wrong position of the baby

The position in which you breastfeed your baby is important as it is what will help your baby ‘latch’ on to your breast and suck the milk. If your baby is positioned awkwardly, you will not only experience pain in your nipples and your baby will not get a good supply of milk.

2. The flow of your milk

Your breast milk takes 2-5 days after you give birth to flow in properly. Initially you will experience pain and swelling in your breasts which will prevent your baby from latching onto you properly.

3. Broken skin

A wrong position of breastfeeding can cause broken skin and if it goes unnoticed, it would lead to a damaged nipple. If you have a blister on the tip of your nipple, your baby is likely to shallow latch onto you.

A broken skin in such a sensitive area is painful and takes time to heal as the nipple opens up every time you feed your baby. The only way to deal with this is correcting the posture while breastfeeding.

4. Blister full of milk

If this doesn’t hurt you, it will heal on its own for sure. If it does, you can soak your breasts in lukewarm water and use a clean piece of cloth to remove the excess skin from your breasts.

5.Clogged ducts

If you experience lumps in your breasts, it necessarily needs not mean that it is a sign of breast cancer. To treat this, you need to feed your baby often in an appropriate posture in which the suction is maximum.

6. Teething in babies

Teeth aren’t a sign to stop you from breastfeeding your baby. Babies acquire teeth from the mere age of about 4-7 months. The time before the arrival of teeth, the gums are very itchy and there’s an urge to bite something. If your baby bites you with his gums, fret not. It is normal. 

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