First 10 Signs of Pregnancy

Brace yourself because the signs that you’re going to read about will change your life forever! You could be experiencing them right now but you must be in a fix because the signs can become quite confusing.

Pregnancy is something every woman is excited about as it is one of the life accomplishments for her to have. Raising a child who was entirely made out of love between you and your partner.    

Here are the 10 early signs of pregnancy:

If you’re wondering why your periods have been missing in action, it is probably because you might be pregnant. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you should probably run to the medical store and buy a pregnancy test kit and get your results.

However, it is still possible for you to not have a positive result but still have symptoms of pregnancy. The hormones released as soon as you conceive may start acting up and cause changes in your body even before you can detect pregnancy on the pregnancy test kit.

1.Sore breasts

Your breast tissue is tender and hormone sensitive. A slight rise in your hormonal levels can make them make them sore. The flow of progesterone and hCG in your body is at its peak once the egg is fertilized. It causes an increase in the volume of your blood and therefore makes your boobies feel a little fuller, softer and rounder than usual.


Your lower back and your stomach will have the cramping sensations which are quite similar to the ones you get during your periods. But in the case of pregnancy, it generally happens when the fertilized egg latches onto the wall of the uterus. That causes your uterus to stretch out a little and therefore you have cramps.

3. Breathlessness

You might have experienced the feeling of breathlessness while running down a flight of stairs. It is probably due to the growing embryo in your body which requires ample oxygen.

4. Fatigue

Sudden exhaustion and tiredness are one of the most common signs of pregnancy. It is the response of your body to the increase in the hormonal levels in your body.

5. Nausea

Most women feel like throwing up when they’re 6 weeks pregnant. Morning sickness is just a part of it but unfortunately, it can occur any time of the day be it morning, evening or when you’re about to go to bed. Eating bland food like simple biscuits or drinking some ginger ale could relieve you from this.

6. Peeing too often

You’ll suddenly find yourself rushing to the bathroom every now and then. If you can’t have a nap at night without going to the loo, you’re pregnant for sure. Your body produces extra fluids which have your bladder acting upon it. Therefore you have to make a run for it more often than usual.

7.Food cravings

If you suddenly find yourself gobbling up pickles and citrus food a lot and that you don’t generally do that, your body could be indicating pregnancy. You’ll have random food cravings at random hours of the day. Who knows you might crave for choco chips ice cream in the middle of the night!

8.Bloating and constipation

You will feel quite weird in your stomach as you’ll feel your tummy bloating up like a balloon. You might realize that once you stop fitting into your old skinny jeans.

9. Metallic taste in your mouth

Try sucking a coin for a bit and the taste you experience then is exactly what you’ll have in your mouth when you’re pregnant.

And finally


Most women mistake spotting for period blood as it is quite similar. The blood that comes out after spotting is also known as implantation bleeding. If you observe that the bleeding was way shorter than your period, then it was probably because of the implantation.

If you’ve experienced these signs, quickly take a pregnancy test and if you get positive results… 


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