Tips to make your picky eater eat healthy

As kids are quite picky, they resist trying new things and make faces. But as a parent, you have to create the foundation for healthy eating from the beginning. To help you out with this problem, here are some of the tips and tricks which will make your kid eat healthy.

 1. Make eating fun.

Cut foods into different shapes and sizes or you can also trickle some sauce on the dishes to make cute smiley faces. Make the food look fancy and new for them.

2. Serve small portions.

Big meals will make your children feel exhausted and intimidated as it will be difficult for them to finish it all. Give them small portions so that it will be easier for them to get through. 

3. Cut out between meal snacks.

Don’t allow your kids to have mid snacks as it will fill up their stomach. Avoiding snacks will keep them hungry and they will be more likely to try new foods. 

4. Emphasise the benefits of foods.

Tell your kids benefits of having healthy foods. Narrate stories to them with vegetables and fruits in it. Convey them how these foods will make them stronger and sharper.

5. Insist on “No thank you” bites.

Make it an in-house rule that the child can refuse to eat but only after taking 3 “no thank you” bites. This will help them to at least taste the food whether they like it or not.

6. Let them share your food.

Kids are more excited about what’s on your plate than their own. Don’t scold or ignore the child if he wants to take a bite or two off from your plate. Show them that you are eating it and it’s healthy for them too.

7. Purée fruits and vegetables.

Another way to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your kid’s diet is sneaking them into their favourite foods by pureeing them. They will have no idea and will eat without throwing any tantrums.

8. Let them help you cook.

While preparation, engage your kids in simple tasks. Involving them in cooking process will make them excited about food and after the preparation, they will be eager to taste everything they have prepared.

9. Show your kids someone cool likes it.

Try to connect every food with someone cool. Like by giving the example of Popeye, tell your kids how spinach made him stronger and muscular.

10. Bust out the dip.

Dips are best with everything. Try introducing new or challenging foods with delicious dips. They will love it.

11. Let them grow their own food too.

Make a small kitchen garden and let your children plant seeds and take care of those plants. This will give them a sense of pride and they will be really eager to taste their hard work on their plates.

12. Don’t take “No” for an answer.

Make them try new food – even if they take only one bite. Be a little strict and stand your ground. If you give them their favourite food every time they ask, you’ll be making it harder to convince them later.

13. Keep your cool.

Don’t turn the mealtime into a war zone. Keep it cool and calm yourself. The more you pressure them to eat, the more they will resist.

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