Healthy Tips to Maintain Your Body Weight During Pregnancy

Like it or hate it, but pregnancy and weight gain are synonymous to each other. With the food cravings and body changes, it is natural for a woman to put on weight during the pregnancy period. Various studies suggest that during pregnancy a woman needs around 300 calories more (per day) than what she needed before pregnancy.

While putting on weight is normal, being overweight or obese may, in turn, trigger complications as well as discomfort. Some of the health problems that may affect an overweight woman during pregnancy include Sleep Apnea, Complications during the delivery, Infections or Gestational Diabetes. Some pregnant women may also suffer from Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a medical condition where a pregnant woman develops high BP during her pregnancy resulting in swelling, detection of proteins in the urine. The condition may be risky for both the mother and the child. Thus, it is important to ensure that the body weight doesn’t cross the threshold level.

Some pregnant women resort to strict dieting to maintain their body weight. However, strict dieting during pregnancy can do both the mother and the baby more harm than good. These extreme weight loss plans and diet can wait for a few months. Having said that, it does not mean that you can do nothing about your weight. There are ways through which you can at least avoid being overweight during the pregnancy.

1. Seek professional help

During pregnancy, you need to be extra careful. Before you try out any weight loss or dieting plans (no matter how safe and healthy), consult your attending physician. With expert opinion and guidance, you may be able to maintain a healthy body weight without any adverse effect on your’s or the baby’s health.

2. Do not overload yourself

It is obvious for a pregnant woman to feel hungry quite often. Satisfy your hunger pangs but do not overeat. Overeating can trigger problems with digestion, with you feeling sick and nauseous. That will make things even worse. Instead, you can help yourself with small servings at regular intervals of time.

3. Eat only when you are hungry

Pregnancy is a phase when everyone (friends, relatives, and well wishers) will be concerned about the well being of the mother and baby. They will want you to eat well as you are carrying a baby within. Many women give it to the pressure, eating even when they are not hungry. Their concern and love are well appreciated but eat only when you know you want to.

4. Know your calorie requirement

No two individuals will have the same calorie requirement. A lot of factors including the body weight and height will influence your calorie intake. The same holds true even during pregnancy. Some people have the misconception that having more calories will result in a healthy baby, a myth that will do you no good. Eat according to your body requirements and the benefits will be there for all to see.

5. Resist the irresistible

One of the reasons you put on weight during pregnancy is your cravings for lip smacking dishes and cuisines. From ice creams to pizzas, the cravings are just irresistible. There is no denying the fact that these foods give you an eternal pleasure, but you can also try for the healthy alternatives. You can opt for more fruits and vegetables, dark chocolates, milk and dairy products (low-fat), spinach, strawberries, coconut water, olive oil, peanut oil, whole grain bread or cereals. A healthy diet will have a positive effect on the mother as well as the baby.

6. Yoga and exercise

Stress and anxiety, common during pregnancy, can also act as a trigger, resulting in weight gain. Exercise and yoga come as a much-needed relief that not only leaves you relaxed and stress-free but also keeps you healthy. Some of the yogas and exercise are specially designed keeping the safety of pregnant women in mind. However, if you are not confident, it is always safe to seek professional help.

Pregnancy is an amazing phase, enjoy it, but also take care of your health.

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