Should Women Wear Bras?

Well, actually, it’s upto you. Whether you want to wear one or not is your decision to take. We’re only here to help you become more aware of the consequences of wearing a bra – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Well, here are some advantages of wearing a bra:

1. Well, duh. Your breasts get a huge support, and these bad boys hold them up for you.

2. They also help your boobs remain shapely and curvy, and aren’t left hanging to the ground!

3. While you’re running, walking or jumping, you won’t have to be worried about your jiggly friends embarrassing you.

At the same time, though, there are some who don’t advise wearing bras for a longer period of time because they might be harmful!

Bras hold your boobs together for a long time, so there’s a chance that due to the pressure on your breasts, blood may actually clot in your breasts. This may eventually lead to a lack of blood flow in your breast area, which means there’s a deficit of good blood and excess of bad blood in your boobs. In a few extreme cases, there’s a possibility of breast cancer too, which is why it’s important to take good care of your breasts.

1. Wearing a tight bra can lead to knots in women’s breast.

2. If you’re wearing the wrong sized bra, your breasts may hang out of your bra, which might be uncomfortable for you.

Wearing the right size of bras will minimize your chances of problems that might occur because of wearing a bra. Also, taking it off every night will also give your boobs the much needed freedom they would be craving the whole day!

In the end, though, it’s totally up to you. What you want to wear, what you want to show or what you want to cover.

Also, the kind of life you have, your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle – all of it totally depends on you. But you need to know that if you remain healthy and keep yourself fit, you are at a much lesser risk of contracting deadly illnesses.

Get yourself checked periodically. Meet the doctor if anything feels suspicious. Getting treatment early will cure you of most of your diseases.

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