Some Ancient Indian Tricks to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life altering and body changing affair. It stretches your physical, mental and emotional capabilities to their maximum limit. You are literally carrying another person inside you and that is something which will affect you a lot. So, it is safe to say that pregnancy can be a stressful affair and you will definitely need help getting through it. We understand what you go through and thus we bring to you some traditional tricks that will help you through this wonderful yet stressful period. 

1. For Backache

Massage your spine’s acupuncture point that is located on your wrist. To do that, make a fist in both your hands and bend it inwards. You can also try taking a hot ginger water bath.

2. Blood Pressure

Massage the fleshy area of your thumbs and big toes gently for 10 seconds each and 3 times a day. This will help stimulate your body’s natural response. You can also practice the Sav Aasana pose for relaxing.

3. Diabetes

Massage the fleshy area at the back of each knee to improve adrenal function as it governs the digestion. You can also include small amounts of cold-pressed coriander leaf juice to regulate blood sugar level.

4. Dizziness

Massage the region between each big toe and second toe for a few seconds and 3 times daily. This exercise will help you relieve your dizziness and the fainting feeling. You can also try drinking fresh lime and ginger root tea between your meals.

5. Hair

Rub the fingernails of your left hand against the fingernails of your right hand for sometime multiple times a day. This will improve the blood flow to the scalp and thereby improve the hair health.

6. Morning sickness

Firmly massage the area on each outer calf, midway between the outer ankle and outer knee for one minute three times a day. This will help you in your morning sickness. You can also practice Shunya Mudra to prevent vomiting.

7. Skin

Drink three glasses of cold-pressed carrot and green vegetable juice daily. This will cleanse your liver, kidneys, and intestines thereby prevent the release of impurities to the skin.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a tough job and something which can often become stressful. So, do not shy away from taking help from your family and even the doctor anytime and every time you need it. Just follow the simple hacks and tricks mentioned and have a happy pregnancy. 

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