Exam Woes and Nutrition

The academic years go smoothly leaving aside few hiccups but the testing times are the EXAM times!

Yes, with the recent change in the CBSE pattern, the schools are back with the exam pattern which we had as a child.

I personally feel happy about it although there is a vast change in the times which might prove difficult to manage for children as well as parent to cope with the renewed pattern.

The children do get affected by the pressure created by the school, parents as well as the society. Everyone is asking them about their curriculum covered and whether they are still continuing with hobby classes?

(As if the one hour twice a week can make or break one’s career!)

The pressure of expectations is something which is dealt in an altogether different way but coping with health issues both mental and physical during exam times can be achieved through precautions and properly guided routine.

Here is a 10 pointer which I rely on and follow for my lads.

1. As soon as the date sheet comes up divide your time and the course.The age old practice of studying daily or as we say slow and steady wins the race is still applicable.

2. The child has to understand the value of examination, not the stress related to it. DO NOT cut down the outdoor play time.You might cut it short but scrapping it won’t help.

3. As the exams are generally held during September and March months, which are infamous for ever changing weather. Make sure to prevent the kids from mosquito menace. Use roll on, preventive bands and repellents.Get house fumigated regularly.

4. The nutrition depends mainly on the food we take. Make sure the child takes their 2 serving of milk product apart from milk. Preferably in form of curd or paneer, as they are high protein diets.

5. Make sure the child is not sitting empty stomach for long hours and neither he resorts to junk food for the snacking.

6. Keep the kitchen stocked with healthy options of fruits, yoghurt, nuts, vegetable, and mayo for a quick DIY sandwich.

7. Make sure the child takes proper rest.Sleep deprivation for prolonged days can prove to be a health hazard.

8. Keep them well hydrated. Water is often neglected while planning a nutrition plan. Keep a bottle of water handy and surprise them with the changing taste of lemon, orange or mango coming in glucose flavours. Juice and soups can be added in a diet for added taste variety and benefit.

9. Oil massage! Yes, our mothers did this for us and we vouch for the soothing magical effect it had. May be the oil along with the loving touch of a mother was the secret of the magic!!

10. Keep the morale high. Make them believe that marks are for this exam only and there is always the next time.

Follow these and keep the nutrition intact away from exam woes!!

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